Make Yours A Personalized Halloween!

  • September 09, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

personalized pumpkins

There is nothing I like better than personalized holiday decorations!  I think they are simply adorable and add the perfect touch to any home.  Having your last name on a ghostly welcome mat at your front door is a great way to welcome all the little trick or treaters in your neighborhood. now has personalized Halloween items on their website and to tell you the truth I just spent about an hour checking out everything from welcome mats and candy bowls to trick or treat bags and apparel.   I think I want one of everything!

personalized trick or treat bags500

One of my favorite items that the kids love as well are the personalized trick or treat bags.  It makes it so much easier with their names on them so that we don't have any fighting over who took who's bag by mistake.  When it comes to their Halloween candy it's amazing how children know exactly what candy is in there!  Now if I would ask my son what he did in school today, he wouldn't have a clue, but ask him what kind of candy he has left in his Halloween bag he can tell you piece by piece!  It's amazing isn't it?!

personalized childrens apparel500

Children love personalized Halloween clothing as well.  Each year my kids have a Halloween party at school and they're allowed to be out of uniform that day.  Instead of costumes they want the children to wear something that falls in line with the Halloween theme.  That's where the personalized sweatshirts come in handy.  With "too cute to spook" or "pumpkin princess" written across the front they're perfect for any child. So this year don't forget your personalized Halloween decorations!  It's the perfect way to add that little extra something to your home and/or yard.