Special EFX Contacts - You Have to "SEE" It To Believe It!

  • September 14, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
When putting together an outfit for a special occasion the most important thing to do is accessorize correctly.  Accessories can make or break the look you're going for!  The right accessories can put your outfit right over the top and make it look wonderful.  Whether it would be the open toed shoes, the leather belt, the clutch purse or just the oh so perfect hoop earrings, you have to accessorize! Halloween costumes are no different.  There is no such thing as Dracula without his fangs, a Devil without his horns or a Cowboy without his trusted holster.  These are all just accessories but without them the costumes are not complete.  However, there are accessories that you don't have to have in order for people to know what character you're portraying, but wearing them gives your costume that edge that will definitely get you noticed! 


Accessories such as Special EFX Contact Lenses

These contact lenses are unbelievable and will make any costume you wear stand out amongst the crowd of party goers.  They look like something you would see in a movie.  The colors are vibrant and make your eyes look amazing and extremely creepy! 

What's great about them is that they are theatrical grade contact lenses with FDA approved paints.  When you order them you put in your prescription power for each eye and the contacts are custom made.  How cool is that! 

Special Effects Contacts green200special effects contacts yellow200


Special Effects Contacts red200

This year if you really want to accessorize your Halloween costume, then do so with Special EFX Contact Lenses.  It will be one costume no one will soon forget!