If Your Child Acts Like An Animal, Dress Them As One!

  • September 22, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my... 

Animal Costumes

As parents we've all had our share of seeing our children running around on all fours roaring like a lion pretending to be king of the jungle.  Children, especially boys,  love to pretend to be the big bad animals they see on television or in the movies.  Girls are usually a little more low key leaning toward the lady bugs, butterflies and the cute kitty cats. Disney movies are a great inspiration to children when it comes to animals.  The Lion King, Bambi, Dumbo, Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations are just a handful of great Disney movies that portray animals in a way that make children fall in love with them. A trip to the zoo lets your child's imagination run wild with thoughts of elephants, tigers, pandas  and giraffes.   If your child loves animals, then wouldn't an animal costume be the perfect Halloween costume for them?   When my son was young I dressed him in the cutest elephant costume I had ever seen.  It was adorable and everyone that saw him thought he was the cutest thing ever! So this Halloween let your child pick from hundreds of the cutest Halloween animal costumes you've ever seen at HalloweenExpress.com.  They have every size available from infant and toddler to child sizes so there's something for everyone! Turtle CostumePenguin Costume