I Want To Suck Your Blood!

  • September 28, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Vampire mania is back and bigger than ever!  With big screen movies like the Twilight Saga's and HBO's miniseries True Blood, vampires have been thrust into the limelight, or should I say the darkness.

Vampire Costumes

Vampire costumes have always been popular during the Halloween holiday.   Who hasn't at one time or another either been a vampire or had a friend that was one.  When it comes to vampire costumes you see them in every shape, size and for every age group.  Young and old alike love to portray the evil vampire or vampiress that lives off the blood of others.  Ok, so maybe that's getting a little creepy but hey, that's what vampires do!  However, people dressed as vampires for Halloween don't - they're just out to have a gruesomely good time! Movies like Twilight have turned those old ugly vampires from the past into good looking high school aged boys and girls and the kids love it.  All my nieces have seen the series of Twilight films and have read all the books.   It's funny because even adults love the Twilight saga's! This Halloween the trend will definitely lean toward the blood thirsty vampires.   HalloweenExpress.com has all your vampire accessories!  What's a vampire without his/her fangs, cape, nails, goth makeup and of course blood.  Whether you're looking for an adult vampire costume or kids vampire costumes, you'll find it here!

Vampire Kid's Costumes