Political Masks - A Sign of the Times

  • October 07, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Full Over the Head Latex MaskBarakula: Full Over the Head Latex Mask
I've never been one to get all that worked up about politics.  Perhaps I'm nieve or just not all that interested in the subject matter but it does surprise me at times how far some folks will go to stir things up.   For as long as there have been Halloween masks it seems there's a certain segment of the public who just love to make a statement by dressing up as a political figure.  Personally I would have thought the demand for these political masks would have subsided after last year's election but apparently not.  This season it seems there's a new mask getting a lot of attention recently. It's called 'Barakula' and according to the manufacturer, it has a striking resemblance to a cross between President Barack Obama and a blood-sucking vampire.  Hmmmmm.  I wonder why the manufacturer chose this name?   The name notwithstanding, depending upon your political persuasion you may or may not find this mask amusing.    To each his own I suppose.  One thing  is for sure, if you're looking for Halloween costume ideas this year and you can't make up your mind ... you're sure to get plenty of looks with the Barakula mask.