Michael Jackson - King of Pop

  • October 14, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
King of Pop Costume KitWhen Michael Jackson died on June 25th, his death came as a shock to his millions of beloved fans across the world.  It's not surprising then that people are already buying tickets to his upcoming documentary titled "Michael Jackson: This Is It" and it doesn't even open until October 28.  I think the fact that it's only a limited two-week run makes a difference too.  Everyone wants to make sure they get in to see it. This year on Halloween Michael Jackson costumes are going to be a huge hit!  We're going to see a lot of kids and adults wearing the trade mark sequined gloves, dark sunglasses and white socks. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Michael Jackson costumes for a long time to come!  Does Elvis Presley ring a bell?  He died 32 years ago and Elvis costumes are still as popular as ever! So this year make your Halloween a "Thriller" night by dressing up as The King of Pop!