The Costumes Are Here! The Costumes Are Here!

  • October 21, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

It's that time of year again when the kids are waiting by the door for the UPS truck to bring them their Halloween costumes.  Well yesterday afternoon their prayers were answered with the ringing of the doorbell!  I almost think they are as excited about the arrival of their Halloween costumes as they are Christmas morning!

Caden, my 11 year old son was just a bit cooler than his little sisters when they heard the doorbell ring.  Olivia and Sydney nearly knocked him down running for the door (the two dogs were smart enough to stay out of the way)!  Once the box was opened and all the costumes were ceremoniously handed out, it was showtime!  (Just a little fyi - these are not pictures of my children, they're just pictures of the costumes that we ordered online.  However, the costumes look just like this in "real life".)

First we have my 6 year old daughter Olivia who loves the Power Rangers.  She started watching it a couple years ago with her brother Caden.  Since then Caden has outgrown the whole Power Ranger thing, but not Olivia, she still watches them religiously.  So this year, her costume choice was simple, she wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger.

Pink Power Ranger Costume

Next, we have my 8 year old daughter Sydney who had a little bit harder time deciding on what she wanted to be this year.  But after many hours and days browsing through the website of, she decided that she wanted to go with the Hip Witch Costume (which by the way looks adorable on her).  I couldn't believe all the cute witch costumes they had.  No wonder she had such a hard time deciding!

 Hip Witch Child Costume

Finally we have my 11 year old son, Caden.  He had a hard time deciding between the Optimus Prime costume or being a Gangster.  The minute he realized he could carry a plastic Tommy Gun with the gangster costume, his decision was made.  The costume looked great on him and once we put on the Fedora hat and fake jumbo cigar the costume was awesome!  He loves it!

Ganster Child Costume

I'm sure you've been sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what they picked out to wear this year; so there you have it!  The kids costumes look amazing and they all fit perfectly.  Now if only they can keep from wearing them BEFORE Halloween even gets here!