Right Hand Blue, Left Foot Green!

  • October 22, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
The Game of Twister Oh the good old days of Twister!  Can you believe this game has been around since 1966!  A game that consists of only a plastic mat and a spinner.  A simple concept really; spin the red arrow on the spinner and move your body accordingly.  Did you know it was the first game to use human bodies as playing pieces?      To this day, Twister is still a huge hit!  It's so much fun to play with a group of people and it definitely never gets boring.  There are even Twister tournaments held at college fraternity and sorority houses across the country with all the proceeds going to charity.  I'm sure that white plastic mat and square spinner board will be popular for years to come! Have you seen the Twister costume for Halloween?  It's so cute.  At HalloweenExpress.com you'll find it in women's costumes as well as children' sizes, so it's fun for everyone!  The plastic dotted mat is in the form of a dress with the hat being the spinner.  Young girls and women will find this is one costume that everyone will recognize! 

This Halloween, don't just play the game Twister, wear it!!

Twister Adult Costume                                            Twister Child Costume