Trick-or-Treat Bag - Kids Don't Leave Home Without It!

  • October 23, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Ok, we all know how important kids costumes are at Halloween, but did you know that a little accessory known as the "trick-or-treat bag" is probably just as, if not more important to the kids?  The main objective for all children is to get as much candy as possible during those fun and exciting trick-or-treat hours.  That's what it's all about right?  The amount of candy each child gets while out trick-or-treating is the determining factor in whether they had a great Halloween or a good Halloween.  Last year my son had to run back home to dump some of his candy to make room for more.  Now to him that was a great Halloween! Your child's trick-or-treat bag is really a pretty important accessory on Halloween night.  This is one accessory that your child will never leave home without!  When I was young, everyone used the same type of bag, the good old plastic bag with handles.  Today though, you have a lot more choices for your child when it comes to treat bags.  This year I decided to get my girls personalized trick-or-treat bags and they love them!  They're simply adorable and they can use them again and again every Halloween.  It helps to have bags with their names on it so that there's no mistaking whose candy is whose.  My son Caden explained to me that he was way too old to carry anything with his name on it and that he was just fine using an old pillowcase like all his friends.  No complaints from me, that was simple. Today, you'll find trick-or-treat bags come in all shapes and sizes and made out of different materials; plastic, vinyl, cotton and felt.   They have great Halloween designs for both boys and girls.  Remember, candy is the life-line of every little boy and girl on Halloween night, so get them a trick-or-treat bag that they can be proud of!

Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bags