Christmas Costumes

  • December 18, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Christmas TreeWell, are you ready for Christmas yet?  Isn’t it just a blast running around the weekend before Christmas fighting all the traffic and the mobs of people in the malls doing the same thing you are – the dreaded last minute shopping!  We’ve all been there.  Some even consider it a tradition to go shopping on Christmas Eve.  Not me!  Our Christmas Eve is spent with all my family coming over eating great food, watching football, playing board games and just enjoying each others company.  Now that’s not to say I’m not out the day before Christmas Eve trying to finish my last minute shopping “to do” list! As you all know I love shopping online and was a huge help this year.  Their kids costumes are amazing and it was so easy to find the perfect costume for each of my kids.  Every year we get them a costume as one of their Christmas gifts.  They love it!  They spend more time on the website in the weeks before Christmas just looking for costumes to put on their Santa lists.   Santa SuitBy the way, did you get your Santa suit this year?  They're wonderful!  No more rushing around waiting in line for hours for your kids to see Santa Claus.  Your kids can have fun with Santa without all the hustle and bustle.        Even with the ease of online ordering I'm still one to procrastinate on other presents!  So I'll be right out there with some of you this weekend trying to find a parking space at the mall just to catch some of those last minute shopping deals all the stores have been harping about. Happy Shopping!