Spring Break Family Fun!

  • March 19, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell
Spring is in the air and people are starting to migrate outdoors. College students are hitting the beaches after midterms to relax, party and have some fun in the sun. Families across the country are planning for their spring break trips since the kids will be out of school for a week. Over the river and thru the woods many families will be traveling to visit relatives. Others will be heading south to warmer temperatures for a little fun in the sun family style (which is quite a bit different than the college style of spring break)! However with the economy the way it is a lot of families will be celebrating spring break at home. I'll be joining that club this year too so we might as well let the kids have some fun and be able to entertain themselves for awhile. How do we do that? Well, costumes of course! Kids love costumes! It brings out their creativity and imagination and let's them run wild with it for hours on end.

Get your child a superhero costume and watch them transform right before your eyes. With the right costume, they can become anything they want to be; superheroes, ninjas, princesses, rock stars, cowboys, athletes, etc. and the list goes on and on.

This spring break have fun with your children while letting their imaginations run free! Put on a play or have a neighborhood costume party. You don't need to go anywhere for your kids to have plenty of fun right in their own backyard!