Spring Is A Wonderful Time For A Princess!

  • April 13, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell
Cinderella Child Costume Last weekend my daughter decided to throw an impromptu "Princess Party" in our backyard with some of her friends.  Even though it was very last minute it was amazing how many princesses showed up ready to play.  It was Disney comes to life in our backyard with Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine and the Little Mermaid all running around having fun.  I thank all the mom's that had to dig through their child's closet just to find the accessories that make a princess costume complete.  We know how important the tiara's, white gloves and sparkling shoes are to a princess. 


I think every little girl has at one time or another worn a princess costume.  It's the way of the "little girl" world that from the moment they're born, they become a princess.  With all the great Disney shows on television and on the big screen each with their own happily ever after, it's no wonder little girls fall in love with the idea of being a princess.  Thankfully the spring weather was absolutely perfect for their Princess Party.  My husband draped sheets across the swing set giving them a palace to retreat to when lunch was served.  After a while they decided to have a princess parade down our street showing off all their beautiful costumes.  My daughter thought it was the best Princess Party ever!