Freddy's Back!

  • May 03, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell
The latest Freddy Krueger "Nightmare On Elm Street" sequel was released in movie theaters April 30th.  Over the weekend it won first place at the box office bringing in $32.2 million!  Not bad since Freddy has been on a 7 year hiatus from the big screen.  Once again the movie takes place on Elm Street and the teens that live there are having really bad dreams!  I'm pretty sure it's considered a bad dream where a serial killer sporting a melted face and a glove with four long blades embedded in the fingers shows up to kill you!  Since the original movie 7 years ago teens have been portraying good old Freddy for Halloween every year since.  This year will definitely be the year for Freddy Krueger costumes and accessories! If you like the "old school" classic horror flicks, go see Nightmare On Elm Street...just don't fall asleep while you're there!!