New For 2010 - Kids Costumes!

  • June 02, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell

New For 2010 Kids Costumes

I know it's still four months away, but is showing their "New 2010 Kids Costumes" for Halloween!  As we all know, time flies and October will be here before you know it!   As parents, we're well aware that our children change their minds on what they want to be for Halloween at least a million times, especially the girls.  It's so important for them even at an early age (unfortunately) to have the perfect costume and that all their friends love it!  Boys, on the other hand wear what they want and they don't care who likes it as long as they do.  Where as the girls costumes have to be stylin and cute, the boys just want something that has weaponry included with it! This year, 2010 is going to be a great year for Halloween costumes.  For girls, the costumes for the tween ages are really hip and in style for that in between age!
  • The Vampire Bat Girl Costume, "Twilight Trickster"
  •  Spiderman's Sidekick Costume, "Spider Girl"
The new kids costumes are just as cute and I know your kids will love them! 
  • The Gothic Cheerleader Costume, "Bad Spirit"
  • Pumpkin Princess Costume, "Lite Up Pumpkin Princess"
  • The Infamous Werewolf Costume
Have your children take a look because there are a lot of really great costumes to pick from.  This way they can narrow down their search so when it's time to pick just one, they'll be ready!