The Vampire Phenomenon!

  • June 14, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Twilight Series

The vampire craze has always been there, just not as popular as it is now.  In the late 90's, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were two televisions series that brought vampires into the spotlight.   Then in November 2008 the Twilight Series began and nothing has been the same for those blood thirsty lovers of the night. The original movie and first in the series of 4 books to be released onto the big screen was "Twilight" in November 2008, followed by "New Moon" in November 2009 and soon to be released "Eclipse" at the end of this month.  Isabella "Bella" Swan and Edward Cullen have a huge following of "Twi-Hards" that live and breathe Twilight Saga! Other vampire related television series are also moving up in popularity;  True Blood on HBO and The Vampire Diaries on CW.  On June 20th, ABC is trying their hand at vampire shows by premiering "The Gates" about an upscale neighborhood of what else...vampires.  Vampires are coming out of the woodwork and everybody is loving it!  Halloween has always been a great holiday for vampires...vampire costumes that is!  Vampires of every age, old and young come out for some Halloween fun.  Good thing that trick-or-treating is at night.  That way the vampires feel right at home!  At you'll find every imaginable vampire and vampiress costume for Halloween this year!  Whether you're looking for a Queen of Darkness Costume or a Twilight Bite Teen Costume, you'll find it here! With one more movie to be released (after Eclipse) in the Twilight franchise, "Breaking Dawn", you can bet the thrill of the vampire will not be ending anytime soon!