Dressing As A Pop Star

  • July 26, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell
Are you tired of being a freaky monster or bloody ghoul every year for Halloween?  Maybe this year you should try something new, something more upbeat and really fun.  This year for Halloween it may be time to consider dressing up as one of your favorite pop stars.  These iconic figures have created images so recognizable that with a few carefully chosen accessory or clothing items you will be instantly transformed into their likeness for lots of Halloween fun.  I have compiled a list of my favorite pop stars for dress up and some simple ideas to get you started on your metamorphosis into becoming one of these super stars. Madonna: The quintessential material girl, Madonna has a couple of decades of  different fashion looks to choose from as far as dressing up goes.  I like the original 80’s version of Madonna, with leggings and a dozen or so bangle bracelets on each wrist.  Her hair is softly curled and then tied up into a ponytail with a large lace bow.  Huge earrings (preferably in a cross shape) and heavy make up would complete this 80’s Madonna look. Katy Perry: Katy Perry is one of the most popular and recognizable pop stars on today’s pop music scene.  Her look is also very easy to copy for Halloween.   There are a few key points you will need to address in order to capture Katy’s look.  Katy often dresses like a 1940’s pin up girl.  A 1940’s style dress with lots of cleavage will get you well on your way to achieving Katy’s sexy look.  Wear a shoulder length brunette wig if you don’t have hair this style and color because it’s an essential part of her appearance.  Katy often wears a bow or a flower in her hair and various brightly colored Wayfarer shades. Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus has made this Disney Channel character infamous amongst young teenage girls.  You can easily recreate Hannah’s pop star look with a few easy clothing pieces and accessories.  The most important part of this costume is the long blonde wig with bangs.  Add a sparkly or flashy jacket with sequins and cowboy boots and you’ve just about got it perfect.  If you can find a plastic microphone to carry around no one will mistake who you are! Michael Jackson: Michael will always be considered the King of Pop and he’s definitely got lots of recognizable looks so you can easily recreate his style for Halloween.  Michael often wore snugly fitting military style jackets with pants that were several inches too short.  White socks and black patent leather shoes will almost complete your costume but don’t forget the sequined glove and large aviator style sunglasses.  If you don’t already have dark curly hair you are probably going to want to wear a wig to make your Michael Jackson costume completely authentic. Li’l Wayne: Li’l Wayne’s look might take a little more work, but it is very distinctive and once you get it right anyone who knows Rap and Hip Hop music will know exactly who you are dressed up like.  The first and most obvious part of Li’l Wayne’s look is his dreads.  You are going to have to probably buy a dreadlock wig at a costume store to recreate this distinctive hairstyle.  You can pull the dreads back into a ponytail-sometimes Li’l Wayne styles his hair this way.  The next important feature to get just right is the grillz on his teeth.  My best (and most inexpensive) suggestion is to just put some foil around your teeth and that will at least capture the idea of his grilled teeth.  You are going to need lots of fake tattoos.  He has many, so go a little crazy with the fake ones.  A white wife beater tank top and an oversized hoody sweatshirt will complete Li’l Wayne’s attire.   Don’t forget lots and lots of “bling!” Kanye West: Unless you are a gorgeous black man this look might be hard to pull off.  Some of the distinctive features that you would need to implement into a Kanye costume would be very large sunglasses and a brightly colored sweater.  Kanye loves sweaters and sometimes they are even a bit preppy looking.  Add a long necklace and some white sneakers.


Eminem: Eminem is another rapper that has a unique and easily replicated look for Halloween dress up.  Eminem could easily be accomplished by wearing a very large white t-shirt (rip a hole in it or two) and a very large hoody sweatshirt over the t-shirt.  Wear a cap tilted off to the side to capture his signature rebellious look. Taylor Swift: Looking for a costume idea that is a little bit sweeter and more innocent?  The Taylor Swift look might be just the one for you.   If you have long blonde hair all you need to do is curl it tightly.  Otherwise in order to look like Taylor, you are going to need a long and curly blonde wig.  Taylor often wears dresses with cowboy boots underneath.  Make sure you have your guitar as well-- Taylor’s is often sparkly. Britney Spears: Britney Spears has been around for awhile and has created many looks over the years that you could easily copy for a Halloween costume.  My personal favorite is her naughty school girl look with the white blouse tied up at the waist and her hair up in pigtails.  Learn a few lines from Britney’s “Baby One More Time” and have fun being bad little Britney for the night. Lady Gaga: Perhaps one of the easiest to dress up as, Lady Gaga is infamous for her truly outrageous costumes and hairstyles.  Personally I think the easiest way to go “Gaga” is to get a blond wig and cut it short if necessary, so that it’s about chin length.  Dress in your underwear if you dare, she’s been known to do this quite frequently.   If wearing your undies is a little to risqué for you, try something in leather.   Add false eyelashes, either black or colored.  You then will need humongous sunglasses and lots of make up and pale pink lipstick.  If you don’t like my suggestions, you can hear from Lady Gaga herself how she thinks you should dress as her for Halloween by viewing the below video.


No matter which pop star you decide you are going to be for Halloween night, have fun and enjoy being the Superstar that you are!