Thanksgiving Costumes For Your Little Ones!

  • November 04, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell
I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Halloween this year! As usual, time flies and we're already heading into the Thanksgiving holiday - only a few weeks away. The good thing about costumes, especially with children, is that it's something they will get much use of even after Halloween has come and gone. My kids always play dress-up with their costumes for months after Halloween. A costume is a great investment in keeping kids occupied and having fun! Indian Girl Child CostumeNow that Halloween is over it's time to check out some of the Thanksgiving Holiday Costumes. They are simply adorable! has outdone themselves this year with costumes for everyone in your family from the youngest pilgrim to the oldest Indian!

All across the country Thanksgiving traditions will be in full swing with parades, football on the big screen and lots of turkey and pumpkin pie. Some families even celebrate Thanksgiving by putting up their Christmas lights!  A tradition we started in my family a few years ago, was to have the children dress up in Indian and Pilgrim Costumes.  They love it and it gives all the children that sit at the "kid's table" a chance to really be part of the celebration.  However, we do have a few adults in the family that sit at the "adult table" that also love getting in on the fun and wearing a costume.  I say the more the merrier! This year start a new tradition with your family by letting your children dress-up on Thanksgiving.  Once in costume they become an active participant in the holiday by wanting to help in any way they can.  This comes in handy when it's time to clean up!