Show Off Your Wiener

  • June 09, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Wiener or Weiner? Regardless of how you spell it, there’s no escaping it. It certainly seems that you can’t go online, open a newspaper or watch TV without hearing about wieners. Suddenly hot dogs, sausages, Bratwursts and yes, wieners--- are virtually everywhere—and some of them are apparently behaving rather badly. Quite a bit has been said in the media in regards to the posting of “wiener” pictures and other “wiener-related” adventures online. We have a few thoughts of our own on this slightly doggy topic. Since obviously the media’s attention appears to be upon everything “wiener”—the good, the bad and the ugly, we are here to suggest that perhaps there is a kinder, gentler, (not to mention more appropriate) way to show off your inner hot dog. Before you go public with yours and do something truly regrettable, consider this wiener costume instead. It’s the perfect choice for your next 4th of July wienie roast or barbecue. You could also consider donning this outfit as a humorous alternative to wear for your online profile picture—although it’s possible that someone already may have beaten you to the punch. This hilarious get up could also be the perfect choice if you are considering dressing up as a Congressman for Halloween. This slightly irreverent, giant frankfurter costume is going to get you the attention you crave without any scandal whatsoever attached to it.

Being our wiener isn’t going to make you into front-page news or set the Internet on fire. You can however, go all out while hot-dogging it up with this appetizing, better than a foot-long rendition of one the best picnic foods of all time. Bun and condiments are included. This costume is a definite WIE-NER!