10 Reasons to get Excited About Fall

  • August 16, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Towards the end of August many people start feeling a little sad because summer is slowly disappearing.  Warm weather merchandise is long gone from the stores, and the kids are getting ready to go back to school.  The end of summer does bring with it a distinct sense that something wonderful is coming to a close, but the good new is that the fall brings with it a whole new set of magical things!  There’s no point in being sad about the summer wind down with so much to look forward to.  Here’s our list of 10 reasons why you should be absolutely looking forward to the autumn months!

Perfect Weather:  There is nothing better than the weather during the fall season.  The extreme heat of the summer is gone.  Most of the time, autumn days are still fairly warm, yet the nights are just crisp enough to grab that favorite sweater or jacket to take off the chill.  Springtime weather can be unpredictable, while winter is just far too long and cold.   Yes, gone are the hot and lazy days spent baking by the pool, but the temperate fall days can be almost magical.

Back To School: There is something about going to Back-to-School that signals a fresh start. Arguably, most people think of New Year’s as the big starting over point, but for kids, a new school year may be the perfect time to begin anew.   Kids actually love shopping for new school supplies.  There is something fresh and wonderful about new books, pencils, markers, notebooks, and perhaps even a new pair of sneakers to wear on that first day of school.  Once school is back in session, you also won’t be looking to entertain bored kids anymore.  This is a definite fall bonus for most parents.

Football Season:  Football season is nearly upon us, and if you don’t have a favorite local team to watch live in a stadium, America’s best pastime is probably coming to a television and living room near you!  Football brings with it many excuses to get together with your group to party even if you aren’t a huge fan of the sport.  Tailgating parties before games are always great fun.  Watching the game on TV with your family and friends is made even livelier with appropriate game fare and lots to drink.

Fall Foliage:  There is nothing like the vibrant color changes that happen to leaves as they begin to change in the fall.  Even your average tree can suddenly become a rainbow of yellow, green and gold.  Autumn is a good time to take the long way home.  Find the tree-lined side streets nearby to really take in the leaves and their color changes.  If you have a mountain nearby, the canyons can be glorious during the fall.  The sound of the crisp leaves underfoot after they have fallen to the ground is another reminder of fall.  Kids love to gather the leaves, throw them up or just jump right into large piles of them.  Leaves are such a simple autumn pleasure.

Halloween:  Halloween is nearly as exciting as Christmas for many children (and some adults too!)  Dressing up in costume is really, really fun and exciting for kids of all ages.  The candy is great, too, and Halloween brings with it the perfect excuse to indulge, along with a wide variety of mini-versions of all your favorite sweets.  Halloween parties, and all the fun surrounding them are always memorable. 

Autumn Festivals:  Many communities have a variety of Harvest festivals, fairs, and community activities during the fall.  Oktoberfest is a popular theme to celebrate in the autumn months.  Enjoying a fall festival is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the crisp fall weather and celebrate with your friends and neighbors.  Enjoy the fun, food and family time at your local celebration.

Television’s New Season:  Every fall each network comes out with it’s new season of television programs.  No more summer re-runs as the latest editions of your favorite shows will soon be off and running, along with new programs that the networks have been cooking up for your viewing pleasure!

Fashion:  Fall is the best time of the year if you are a fashionista.  Stores are fully loaded with the latest and greatest fashions for you to indulge yourself in.  There is something about the rich color palette of autumn clothing that really livens up a wardrobe, along with the vibrant colors and mixed textures of fall fabrics. 

Autumn Treats:  Ah, there is something delectable about the taste treasures you are going to find to tantalize your taste buds in the fall.  From that first pumpkin latte at your coffee shop, to pumpkin and apple pies--there is much to enjoy in the fall.  Hot chocolate, mulled cider and other warm drinks are comforting and relaxing and especially fun to drink while out in the cool night air.  Embrace the fall season with your favorite autumnal food and drink splurges.

Smells: Fall just smells really good.  From the first time you smell a waft of smoke coming from a neighbor’s chimney, to the aroma of something wonderful baking in your own oven, there is a smorgasbord of smells to enjoy in the fall.  Cool, clean crisp air smells invigorating.  Coffee shops and stores are filled with the wonderful fragrances of cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and apples.  Even fresh cut grass mixed with the smell of burning leaves can be reminiscent to some.

As your summer winds down, you can look back with fondness to all the fun memories you’ve made and look ahead with great anticipation to all that lies ahead this fall.  Autumn is filled with so many wonderful, yet simple pleasures.  There are many beautiful things to be enjoyed during the fall months and so much to look forward to!