Top 10 Characters for Kids Dress Up

  • September 06, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Top 10 Characters for Kids Dress UpWith the unofficial end of summer now behind us, our thoughts naturally turn to autumn and all the simple pleasures that it brings with it.  The kids are back in school and soon will be settled nicely into a more structured routine.  The days are getting shorter and as they go by, the crisp fall air begins to replace the thick heat of summertime.  Soon Halloween will be here, and your kids undoubtedly have noticed the stores filling up with fall merchandise.  Costumes are a must have for Halloween, but kids love to dress up in costumes anytime.  Costumes are great for any imaginative playtime.  Here’s our list of our favorite characters that your kids are going to want to have for their dress up collection.  Of course, they make really great Halloween costumes, too!

Buzz Lightyear-To Infinity and Beyond!  This quirky Space Ranger from the movie series Toy Story is already one of your child’s favorites!  Buzz is notorious for finding himself in a bit of trouble, and after a lot of silly shenanigans always manages to finds his way back out!  Unsure if he is a toy or an actual Space Ranger, Buzz will always be most well known for his bravery and courage.  Your child will have many hours of fun recreating the delightful character of Buzz Lightyear.

Tinkerbell- (or “Tink” for short) is one of the most memorable fairy characters out there.  Fairies are a mythical and magical being that any child will love to dress up as.  They are beautiful, with gossamer wings and dresses that fall from the waist like soft flower petals.  In addition to being strikingly beautiful, Tinkerbell is known for a bit of a tempestuous and jealous streak along with a bit of notorious mischief making.  Little girls love dressing up in pretty dresses.  Recreating the lovely Tinkerbell, along with her cloud of pixie dust will be a sparkling adventure for any little girl.

Captain America-Every child has a favorite superhero, and Captain America could very easily find his way into your child’s heart.  Captain America, arguably one of the most patriotic superheroes, became a superhero after a rough start in life.  Always a weak and frail person, Steve Rogers gained his superhuman strength after being administered a mysterious serum that transformed him into an enhanced being of literal human perfection.  Your child will have hours of fun bringing out his inner superhero and becoming his own version of Captain America!

Policemen- Playing “cops and robbers” is a classic kids imaginative, role-playing game.  There is nothing more fun for a child than donning the uniform of one of the ultimate authority figures in our society, while going out to apprehend the bad guys and haul them off to jail.  Your child will have hours of fun role-playing this significant player in adult life and will have fun exploring this part of the world around him.   Robbers should beware; there is a policeman nearby that is fully prepared to take you into custody!

Dorothy- She’s off to see the wizard!  There is something magical about Dorothy, who is the ultimate damsel in distress.  With her newly bequeathed Ruby slippers as well as her acquired sidekicks, the Scarecrow, the Tin man, and the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, an ordinary farm girl from Kansas, suddenly finds herself thrust into a strange land, with an evil witch set out to destroy her (and her little dog, too).  Your little girl will love recreating the character of Dorothy during playtime and be thrilled to wear her very own pair of sparkling and magical ruby slippers!

Jack Sparrow- Jack Sparrow is the swashbuckling pirate captain of The Black Pearl.  The swaggering pirate has become a classic character that children truly adore.  Jack is indeed a pirate, but in spite of his dirty, rugged and somewhat disheveled appearance, has confessed that he believes that even some pirates can be honest as well as good men.  Rarely a fighter, Jack would much rather resolve problematic situations with his wits as opposed to weapons or fighting.  Your child will love having many imaginative adventures out on the high seas while pretending to be Jack Sparrow!

Wonder Woman-This outfit represents chick power extraordinaire!  All kids love wrapping a traditional superhero cape around their shoulders and then heading out to save the world.  Girls want to be superheroes, too, and your little girl can be the quintessential female heroine with her own version of a Wonder Woman get up.  With her super human strength, speed and agility, Wonder Woman’s place in the world is to restore order, love, peace and equality.  

Spiderman-“Spidey” is a really cool superhero.  Peter Parker at one point was a kind of nerdy kid who was very shy and a bit backwards.  After being inadvertently bitten by a radioactive spider in a laboratory, interesting changes began to occur in Peter and eventually he was transformed into Spiderman!  The once struggling adolescent has now morphed into an agile, super strong being with the ability to cling to most any surface, as well as scale up most any wall.  Web-shooters are now found at his wrists, which enable him to shoot blasts of spider webbing out at will!  Your child is going to love recreating one of the most popular superhero characters of all time!

Super girl-Although somewhat of a more obscure superhero, the chance to be “Super girl” is not one to be missed.  Traditionally, Super girl has the identical superhero powers to Superman and also shares in his vulnerability to Kryptonite.  As Superman’s cousin, Super girl has always been taken under his wing-- that is, until she fully learns to use and control her magical powers.  Your child is going to love empowering herself in a Super girl get up.  Traditional colors are available, but make sure to look for the “all pink” version of Super girl for that extra special girl that loves all things in the pink!

Miltary-There is nothing braver than a soldier. Today’s soldiers are stationed in all parts of the world, fighting bravely to preserve our lifestyle as well as our basic freedoms.  Kids love dressing up as the brave men and women that are part of the armed services.  Various takes on camouflage or other military uniforms are the perfect way for your child to dress up to play “army.”  Play-acting a soldier is a great way to use their imagination while recreating pretend battles in your own backyard.

Halloween costumes are obviously great for Halloween, but a costume’s potential as a great playtime accessory should not be overlooked.  With the right dress up gear, your child will have hours and hours of endless imaginative role-playing fun!