The Holiday Countdown Has Begun

  • November 01, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Only 54 Shopping Days Till Christmas

You know what’s funny about Halloween?  Well, lots of things actually and we’ve been spelling them out for you for weeks here-- but what is also quite phenomenal is that crazy thing that happens as soon as Halloween ends.  (Yes, folks, sadly Halloween is over <sniff, sniff> and won’t be back for another year.)  Interestingly enough, however, the morning after Halloween you wake up, and suddenly you’ve found yourself smack in the month of…November.  Oh my goodness!  That means in the space of one night we’re now, according to protocol, right on the threshold of the holiday season!  How in the world did that happen?

Not to alarm anyone here, but the countdown now has officially begun.  There are only 54 shopping days until Christmas.  No need to panic because if you are reading this you are already one step ahead of everyone and can start your holiday planning now.  A great Halloween is now in the tank and what lies ahead is a magical season filled with friends, family and wonder.  There is plenty to look forward to, and certainly we hope that you are as excited as we are to make this the best holiday season ever.

Let’s also not forget that one of the best gifts you could ever give to a child is one that fosters his imagination and allows him to use his inner creativity.  Dress up and creative playtime is a fantastic way to allow your child to experience his favorite characters for himself.  Costumes are certainly not just for Halloween, and kids love to wear costumes on any day just to explore the world of different characters or to pretend to be a more adult role.  We have everything your child could envision for his or her dress up adventures such as army costumes, fairy princesses, superheroes, Disney characters, and hundreds of other possibilities.  Costumes are a wonderful gift for your child that will offer up many hours of imaginative playtime fun!

And while we’re on the subject…don’t forget that someone needs to deliver the goods to all the good little boys and girls out there.  We have a huge assortment of Santa suits and Santa’s helper costumes that are going to add some extra Christmas magic to your holidays.  Try to imagine the sheer delight that your kids would have if Santa were to come and pay them an actual visit!  Think about making a Christmas memory that your child will have for a lifetime if a real Santa were to actually arrive at your home or party.  With one of our beautiful Santa suits you can make it happen easily, before you can lay a finger on the side of your nose and say…”Merry Christmas to all!  And to all a good night!” 


PS: Be sure to check out The History of Santa Claus!

Happy Halloween!

  • October 31, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Happy Halloween!

On behalf of everyone at Halloween Express we want to wish you a very HAPPY (and safe) HALLOWEEN! And if you haven't already done so, you may want to review our list of Halloween Safety Tips.

Attention Last Minute Costume Shoppers

  • October 28, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Halloween Express Retail Store Locator

If you've put off buying that Halloween costume, the time has come to get going. Luckily for you, Halloween Express has retail store locations across the country. And most of those retail locations are open late -- with extended hours now through Halloween. So there's no excuse not to be dressed in costume this Halloween! To find a local Halloween Express retail store in your area, use our retail store locator. Happy Halloween!

Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

  • October 26, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Yes, it obnoxiously comes with a hand pump so if your friends don’t get it the first time you can pump up the volume a little bit and watch their jaws drop!

Traditionally, Halloween costumes were scary and frightful as they were actually designed to ward off evil spirits.  As the years have gone by, however, Halloween has evolved quite a bit.  Nowadays, it’s commonplace to see just about anything costume-wise out there on Halloween, including some get ups that are very unique as well as bizarre.  If you are a more conventional costumer, don’t worry--you will definitely be in good company this Halloween.  IF, however you feel like stepping out of the box (just a little) you might want to get a load of some of these:


Skeleboner Costume :  Even if you are fairly conservative, you might actually get away with this look because at first glance, it just looks like a really cool skeleton costume.  On closer inspection, however, the addition of a lower appendage to this bag of bones is going to get you a definite double take.  Yes, it obnoxiously comes with a hand pump so if your friends don’t get it the first time you can pump up the volume a little bit and watch their jaws drop!


Virgin Mary Costume:  Nothing says Halloween like the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ, right?  If your party needs a little spiritual overhaul, perhaps this costume is worth considering.


Kiss-Tiny Demon Costume:  Every small child’s dream on Halloween--to go trick or treating with a giant tongue that would even make Gene Simmons jealous.  There is nothing like a 2-year old running around with the sign of the horns to make your Halloween extra creepy!

... because in this get up, you are going to surely be the saggiest, baggiest hag ever.

Mummy’s Boy Costume:  If you are one, you probably know it.  On the off chance your mommy isn’t available to attend your planned Halloween gig, here’s a sure-fire way to bring her along and dress as the little child that you really are at the same time. 


Love Boat’s Julie McCoy Costume:  Guaranteed to have people questioning you all night as to ‘who or what you are’--have your best lines ready.  “Shut up or swim” comes to mind.  Or just welcome them aboard the ship bound for true ‘love’.


Man Eating Shark Costume:  This one is especially clever when worn by a woman.  Hey, it happens--a beautiful girl leads a guy on, acts all sweet and nice, makes him feel like she really like him--then bam! It’s over.  She’s a man-eater! Not sure that was the intent the costume designer had in mind, but if the shark fits--wear it.


Droopers Costume:  Your purpose in life may just be to make all women in the room feel sexy and beautiful--because in this get up, you are going to surely be the saggiest, baggiest hag ever.   If this costume is your destiny--by all means fulfill it. 



No matter what your Halloween dreams are--go out and make them all come true.  With these costumes you can have some serious fun while you’re at it, too.

Outrageous Home Made Costumes

  • October 25, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Every year around this time we start to see photos of some pretty outrageous costumes floating around the internet. And while most of these costumes appear to be home made, there's some we're sure that are professionally created. Being the costume aficionados we are, we naturally like to collect these photos and share them with our readers. So here we go. Our first installment of some of the more interesting, clever and downright bizarre costumes we've seen thus far this Halloween season. Stay tuned for more . . .

Celebrity Inspired Wigs

  • October 24, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Think about it, as far back as Cleopatra, people have become infamous for distinctive hair.  Thousands of years ago, just as it is today, hair was dyed, curled and styled in elaborate hairdo’s that represented the fashion and the culture of the time period.  Some of these hair looks would forever be indelibly etched into history.  Even now, you can’t think of certain celebrities without imagining the haircut or hairstyle that went along with them.  Audrey Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett, Jennifer Aniston or even Ariel, Disney’s popular animated red-head mermaid are all well known personalities that had hair that was legendary.  If you are trying to recreate a hot celebrity look this Halloween, getting the hair look just right is going to be a critical part of your costume.  Our collection of celebrity-inspired wigs is going to go a long way in getting the hair exactly perfect.  Here are some ideas to get you started:


Katy Perry:  When Katy Perry wore a bright blue wig to the 2010 MTV movie awards, she admitted that she was paying a bit of homage to the Smurfs movie that she was starring in, as she was playing the role of “Smurfette.”   Whether you just want to dress a bit bold like Katy Perry, or you have a thing for the Smurfs yourself, our sassy (as well as very blue) wig is the perfect way to get a modern, sexy, get-you-noticed look for your ultimate Halloween costume. 


Lady Gaga:  Lady Gaga is infamous for having had many elaborate, shocking as well as avant-garde hairstyles throughout her career.  Ms. Gaga’s hair has been coiffed like bows, buttons, and tousled poufs as well as dyed bright yellow.  Undoubtedly, there will never be a single hairdo that you can attach to this pop star chameleon, but our Lady Gaga wigs cover a wide enough range so that you can pick your favorite look to accentuate your costume.  You can even use our Greaser wig as an option if you want to dress up as Lady Gaga’s famous male alter ego, Jo Calderone.  No matter which wig look you choose, these wigs are really worth going Gaga for.


Whether you are a Jersey Shore fan or not, this cast of characters has made their mark on media and their looks are undeniably ‘out there’.

Jersey Shore:  Whether you are a Jersey Shore fan or not, this cast of characters has made their mark on media and their looks are undeniably ‘out there’.  If you want a hilarious celebrity-inspired costume idea, dressing up as one of the Jersey Shore’s hot, tan as well as crazy cast members is going to get you lots of attention.  Having the hair just right will help you get your point across.  From Pauli D’s perfect slicked back hair, to Snooki’s sleek long locks with a perfectly placed beehive bump, these wig looks are the perfect compliment to your ‘guido’ or ‘guidette’ Jersey shore ensemble.


Justin Bieber: If you are looking to make teenage girls swoon or just make fun of those that do, you simply gotta have the right “do”.  This style has brought hair infamy to good ol’ Justin and the look can be yours, too, quite simply with this Tween Dream Wig.  This Halloween there is likely to be at least one less lonely girl when you take your pop star icon look to the stage with this perfectly coifed, Bieber-ish wig along with your best rendition of “Baby”. 


No matter what your pop star or celebrity dreams are this Halloween, get the hairstyles just right and you will be well on your way to pulling off the perfect costume look while portraying your favorite popular personality. 

Top 10 List of Halloween Safety Tips

  • October 23, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Our list of the top 10 Halloween safety tips. Get your costumes and treat bags ready, it’s time to rock this Halloween gig! Have fun and be safe!  Our list of the top 10 Halloween safety tips. Get your Halloween costumes and treat bags ready, it’s time to rock this Halloween gig! Have fun and be safe! Zoinks!  Halloween is almost here! As we near the home stretch into our favorite spooky holiday, you probably are busily planning your costume choices as well as lots of exciting activities for the night.  These likely include parties and/or trick or treating!  In order to make your Halloween the most fun ever, here is our list of top 10 Halloween safety tips to ensure that your Halloween is not only thrilling and exciting but is enjoyed completely without a hitch! Eat!  Having a hearty as well as filling meal before you send your kids out for trick or treating is important.  First of all, you do not want the kids to be hungry, thus tempted to dip into their stash while they are out going house to house collecting candy.  Secondly, it’s a long evening for you as well--avoid all temptations by making a simple yet filling meal before the evening festivities begin.  Crockpot dinners or a pot of hearty soup are both great ideas for pre-Halloween meals. Wear it Safe: Have a ‘try-on’ night a few nights before Halloween to ensure that costumes fit correctly.  Hem any long skirts or fabrics that may be potential trip hazards.  Make sure that any props that are being used (plastic knives, swords, etc.) don’t have any sharp or jagged edges that may be harmful even if they are made of plastic.  Make sure that masks (if worn) fit your child’s head properly.  It may be a good idea to avoid the use of masks with very young children as sometimes if they don’t fit precisely right it can make it hard to see properly. Light your way: Make sure you can see as well as be seen!  Having a costume that is made out of some reflective fabric is obviously a great idea but if this isn’t possible you can easily add reflective tape to costumes so you can become more visible at night.  Glow sticks or neck rings are a fun addition to some costume choices and will help increase your visibility.  Make sure and carry a flashlight with fresh batteries inside to light your way. Let’s talk about it: Talk about the trick or treating route with your kids, even if you plan on being with them.  There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of looking up and not seeing your child in a virtual sea of costumed kids.  If your child is older and trick or treating with his friends, have a clear understanding of where his intended route is going to be and make sure he sticks to it.  If your child has a cell phone, make sure that she touches base with you at predetermined intervals. Don’t touch that! Have a clear understanding with your child that no treats are to be eaten until you’ve had a chance to look them over and inspect them carefully.  When you do look at your child’s goody bag, (aside from sneaking one or two of your favorites), throw out anything that looks like it’s not wrapped correctly.  When in doubt, throw it out! Don’t even go there:  Have ‘the talk’ with your child before they head out and make sure that they understand that under no circumstances are they to enter anyone’s home or car.  Explain to them that you would never ask someone to come and pick them up; if this is a possibility have a code word that only you and your child know that must be spoken in case of an emergency.  Have them always use caution around strangers that might be out and about as well.  Always make sure your child trick or treats in a group, no child should ever trick or treat alone. Things that might bite:  No we’re not talking about vampires here.  Sometimes people dress up their dogs and take them out trick or treating with their kids, so seeing dogs out on Halloween would not be unusual.  Use caution around dogs that you are unfamiliar with.  If you yourself have dogs, be sure they are in a safe place so that when the trick or treaters come to your door they don’t get overly excited and accidentally bite someone.  With all the crazy costumes and the constant bustle at the front door, even the most docile dogs can get confused and/or agitated so use caution.  It’s best to keep your animals away from the front door if at all possible. Rules of the Road 101:  It’s important to go over some basic rules of the road with your child.  Never dart out into the street in between cars as drivers can’t see kids from behind the cars and reacting quickly is often impossible.  Cross the streets at intersections only and assume that drivers can’t see you.  Wait until crossing the street can be done safely.  Make sure your flashlight is on and fully illuminated but don’t shine it directly at those that are driving. Home safety:  It’s important to get your home ready to have trick or treaters come to your door as well.  If you are setting Jack-o-Lanterns out in the front of your home, try to avoid using real candles if at all possible.  Battery-operated, LED lights that flicker just like candles are a great alternative to light your pumpkins and look just like the real thing without any of the fire danger.  Make sure your front entry is well lit and that there is nothing that might be tripped on such as hoses on your front walk. Group project: Trick or treating is much more fun as well as much safer when done as a group.  Get together with some other parent’s from your neighborhood or your kids school and plan to trick or treat en masse.  Stick to familiar neighborhoods that you know well and do not trick or treat houses that are not lit.  Tell your kids that dark houses means ‘do not enter’.  Some communities have shopping malls or retail centers that welcome trick or treaters as another option to going door to door which can be a fun alternative if homes in your area are widely spread out. All right, troops--there you have it, our top 10 list of safety tips to help make your Halloween safe, sane as well as fun.  Get your costumes and treat bags ready, it’s time to rock this Halloween gig!  Have fun and be safe!

Last Minute Costume Ideas

  • October 21, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Did you procrastinate thinking about your Halloween costume until the last minute again?  Or perhaps you weren’t planning on dressing up this year, but something suddenly came up and that something requires wearing a Halloween costume?  These types of circumstances can cause some justifiable panic as no one wants to embarrass himself, especially if your friends are typically Halloween costume overachievers.  All is not lost, however, here are a few ideas you can throw together quickly with stuff you probably have around the house to create a very acceptable costume solution!


Mummy:  Take an old white sheet or some inexpensive muslin and tear it into long strips along the grain.  Wrap yourself carefully from head to toe in these strips leaving your face area open.  Use dark makeup around your eyes and pale make up on your face.  This is a pretty easy and inexpensive Mummy costume that can be put together rather simply.  If you are completely desperate, you can use toilet paper to create your mummy look.  Be prepared, however as you are likely to be picked on, as well as borrowed from all night.


Sock Wench:  So you're not into sexy Halloween costumes? Ok. We get it. Remember that evil conniving wench that mysteriously steals one of each pair of socks from your laundry each week?  Become her for Halloween.  Wearing plain sweats as a base layer, safety pin oddball socks all over your body from head to toe.  Label yourself somehow with your honored title. 


Hugh Hefner:  There are a lot of men's costume options these days but a Hugh Hefner costume is one of our favorites because it's so easy to do. If you have a silky bathrobe you can get away with this look.  Don your pajamas and slippers and tie on your best bathrobe (or your wife’s).  Instant Hugh Hefner!  To really get your point across, enlist the help of a couple of cooing bunnies to go as your sidekicks, Hugh is rarely seen without them.


Sexy Librarian or student:  Any plaid skirt hemmed very short with knee-highs, Mary Jane shoes and glasses will do nicely.  Tie a white blouse at your waist if you like and braid your hair if you are going for the student look, an up-do works for a librarian.  Don’t forget a couple of books for legitimacy!


Mechanic: A simple one-piece workman’s jumpsuit will do nicely for this look.  Make sure it has grease on it, and add some grease to your face as well.  That’s it!  An easy and perfect grease monkey! 


Crazy Cat Lady: Using fabric paint, take a plain sweatshirt and write I ‘heart’ Cats on the front.  Attach small stuffed cats to you with safety pins and carry as many more as you can hold. 


Hunter:  Wear camouflage from head to toe and carry an appropriate play weapon.  This technique also can easily be used to create an army look as well if you prefer to go that route.  Make sure and camo-paint your face as well with an appropriate make up kit.  This look is easy to create and looks very cool.


Broccoli Spears:  This look is a little bit silly but always gets a good laugh.  Obtain a green clown wig and wear a schoolgirl outfit for the rest of your get up. (Plaid skirt, white shirt, knee-highs and Mary Jane’s) Who are you?  Broccoli Spears!


Sports figure:  This is not the most original costume, but when in a pinch you can use a tennis outfit and a racket or football pads and a helmet to create a sports figure costume.  Face painting yourself for a “zombie” version of the sports figure will make it look like you at least made some effort and actually will redeem your costume immensely.  (With actually very little effort involved!)  This costume can also be paired with other sports costumes to make for an awesome group or theme costume that is quick and easy. Have fun and be creative!


Face Paint: To make your own last minute face paint:

  • 1 t. corn starch
  • ½ t. cold cream
  • ½ t. cold water
  • Food coloring

Mix all these together for each color you want to create.  This will wash off with cold cream.


Fake Blood: To make your own non-toxic fake blood:

  • 1 c. smooth peanut butter
  • 1 qt. light corn syrup
  • ½ c. liquid soap
  • 1 oz. red food coloring
  • 14 drops of blue food coloring

Mix peanut butter with the corn syrup to make a runny mixture.  Add soap and food coloring and mix well.  Add more corn syrup until you have the desired consistency.  Like most fake bloods, this will stain so use this judiciously!



Last minute costumes don’t have to be a disaster.  Aside from planning better for next year, use your creativity and you will be amazed at how even the simplest ideas can turn out to be very clever and unique.  Have fun because at Halloween that is the point!

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Extreme Pumpkin Carvings

  • October 20, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Here we are, in the heart of the 2011 Halloween season. Halloween is a little more than a week away (sooner for many weekend party goers). Halloween decorations are up in neighborhoods around the country and haunted houses are attracting thousands of visitors daily. And for most of the east coast, midwest and northwest, Fall is in the air. And with Fall, comes pumpkins. One popular Halloween tradition is pumpkin carving. In the "old days", pumpkin carving was simple. Carve out the center of a pumpkin, add a couple of eyes, a nose, a mouth and you're done. If you were really ambitious, you might add some ears or perhaps a single tooth in an otherwise toothless mouth. That was it. Your pumpkin was ready to be displayed. Well, those days are long gone. Pumpkin carving has become an art form for some. In fact, pumpkin carving has become downright EXTREME! Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself. We've gathered some extreme pumpkin carving photos. Some people are even carving pumpkins underwater! Go figure. To each his own.

Happy Halloween!





Now we're getting to the really cool stuff!


Love the detail in this extreme pumpkin carving!  Wonder how long this took to do?


Someone had a lot of extra time on their hands to this pair of pumpkin carvings!


Wow!  Look at the detail in the face of this pumpkin carving.


Anyone feel like 'phoning home'?  Very nice pumpkin carving.


Another very detailed extreme pumpkin carving.  Where do people come up with these ideas?

Top 10 Halloween Fun Facts

  • October 19, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

As you are busily gearing up to get out and celebrate Halloween with your friends and family, perhaps you’ve actually wondered where on earth did this somewhat bizarre holiday come from?  Who thought of trick or treating?  Why do we dress up in costumes anyway?  For all you curious folks, we’ve compiled a top 10 listing of the most important details of the history of Halloween.  The holiday has changed a lot through history but one fact will always remain the same, Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays we celebrate every year and is considered to be the 2nd most commercially successful holiday celebrated in the U.S.  As you don your best Halloween costume and hit the streets to do some serious trick or treating, here are some fun facts for you to keep in mind! 

Pumpkins:  Pumpkins are plentiful in the U.S. and are actually indigenous to the Western hemisphere.  Normally harvested in October, pumpkins are most commonly orange, but these members of the gourd family also can be found in green, yellow, white, blue and tan!  When the Irish immigrated to the U.S. they had been formerly making lanterns with scary faces in them out of turnips to use on ‘All Hallows Eve’, but they quickly switched to pumpkins because they were far easier to carve than turnips and were more readily available.  A Halloween tradition was born!

Jack-o-Lanterns: The legend of the Jack-o-Lantern is actually based on a man named Jack.  Legend states that a miserly, angry as well as evil man named Jack liked to play pranks on his fellow townspeople.  One day Jack decided to mess with the devil himself and tricked him, trapping him up in a tree.  Jack circled the tree trunk with crosses and other religious symbols and would not let the devil escape until he agreed that he would never take Jack’s soul into hell.  Of course the devil had no choice but to agree to this bargain and he was allowed to go free.  When Jack eventually died, he was far too evil to go to heaven but the devil was true to his bargain and did not take Jack’s soul into hell.  Jack was forced to roam the earth for eternity.  The devil did leave Jack with an endlessly burning ember, which Jack placed inside a turnip lantern to carry on his way as he eternally searched for his final resting place.  The tradition of the lit Jack-o-Lantern carries on to this day!

Halloween Parties:  Back in ancient days, villagers would gather on All Hallow’s Eve for a celebration called Samhain, which marked the end of the Harvest and the beginning of their new year, which was November 1st.  Large bonfires would be made and various rituals would be performed around these, including throwing the bones of slaughtered animals into the fire as an offering.  This celebration was also thought to honor the dead, which these people believed could roam the earth freely in spiritual form on this night.  It became commonplace to dress as one were dead in an effort to fool the spirits in hopes that any malevolent amongst them would leave them alone.

Immigrants:  Most of the traditions we have surrounding Halloween come from the Irish or other European immigrants who brought their ancient customs with them when they immigrated to the U.S.  Halloween is an eclectic mixture of customs of the Irish, Catholic and the Romans.  In particular, the highly superstitious Celts gave us many of the ideas for what we now know as Halloween.  The Celts believed that the lines between the living and the dead were completely blurred on October the 31st and they were fearful of any mischief or problems that might be caused by these spirits when they returned.

Ghosts:  Because of the ancient beliefs that the spirits of the deceased were out running rampant on All Hallows Eve, Halloween will always have a close association with ghosts and spirits.  Throughout history it has been common to tell ghost stories and folk tales involving spirits around the time of Halloween.  These traditions have carried on today and it is common for people to create and visit attractions that are designed to appear ‘haunted’ as part of a way to celebrate Halloween.

Monsters:  Aside from ghosts, over the years many other monsters have become associated with Halloween.  Two of the most common are vampires and werewolves.  Vampires are part of ancient folklore that tried to explain away why random plagues would cause groups of mysterious deaths in various villages.  Superstitious people thought that these deaths must be due to a newly deceased person being actually ‘undead’ and rising from the crypt in order to feast on the blood of the living in order to maintain their life force.  Potential werewolves, another mythological being, were picked out from amongst others by features such as uni-brows, hairy palms and having a middle finger that was longer than the other digits.

Costumes:  The first Halloween costumes were made in Ireland and were made of various types of make up and animal heads or skins.  These costumes were made in an effort to ward off evil spirits, but during the celebration of All Hallows Eve, were also used in the ceremonies that were performed during various festivities.  Fortunes were often told and it was common for various rituals to be performed during this time.  Nowadays, although scary costumes are still worn on Halloween, the variety of costumes you will see cover many different categories including superheroes, pop stars, humorous costumes and historical figures as well.

Witches:  The word witch comes from the Old Saxon word ‘wica’, which actually means ‘wise one’.  In ancient days, witches were originally considered to be healers who were very familiar with the use of herbs and other remedies to help the sick and otherwise afflicted.  As Christianity spread throughout Europe, the church clergy unfairly labeled these ‘healers’, calling them devil worshipers or sorcerers, even though that was hardly the case.  Early immigrants that still believed these old ancient superstitions regarding witches brought these rumors with them into the U.S.

Trick or Treating: In the ancient days of Scotland and Ireland, it was common practice on All Hallows eve for the poor or less fortunate to go to the homes of more affluent people and offer prayers for the dead in exchange for food or money.  This practice was once again brought to the states by immigrants and eventually evolved into the custom of trick or treating, as we know it today.

Candy: Candy is the preferred ‘treat’ of trick or treaters, the most favored of all being chocolate bars.  The number one chocolate bar favorite amongst trick or treaters is Snickers.  Consumers will spend over two billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. Over twenty five percent of all candy purchased annually in the U.S. is bought for Halloween purposes.

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays out there.  Knowing a little bit of the facts surrounding its magical history will help you to understand and enjoy it all the more!  Happy Halloween!

Help for Halloween Minimalists

  • October 17, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Halloween isn’t just for the youngun’s anymore.  Halloween has become immensely popular amongst ‘big kids’ too, for a number of reasons.  It’s fun dressing up in costume, at least for most people.   Finding just the right character that expresses ones personality and reaches out to the inner child within is a positive throwback experience for many of us.  Even with Halloween being as popular as it is and it also being a universally celebrated holiday by kids of all ages, there are still those that are reluctant to participate.  For these less than eager folks, dressing up in costume creates undue stress, embarrassment or effort.  Let’s call these people Halloween minimalists.  If you can relate to what I am saying here, you don’t need to fret, you can still participate in your neighborhood or office party without much effort, expense or commitment.  The best part is that you won’t have to wear that “This IS my Halloween costume” t-shirt to another Halloween function. 


Costume Kits:  These handy “kits” have some really cool basics and accessories that you can use with your own clothes to turn every day street wear into a not only acceptable, but down right respectable costume ensemble.  With choices such as Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear and The Green Lantern, it’s simple to bring both popular as well as familiar movie characters to life very easily.  For a more traditional Halloween look, there are kits available to recreate pirates, vampires and devils.  For a costume that is a little goofier that you can really throw your personality into, try a nerd look or perhaps even a silly nun, pig or kitty.  All the critical accessories have been put together for you so putting your costume together with little effort is a breeze.  No point in stressing about being a minimalist, with these simple looks you will get maximum results.  See how easy that was?  Halloween is fun again! 



Costume Masks:  Another cool way to get really big impact with very little effort on your part is to wear a really amazing mask.  These life-like masks come in a huge array of characters from the silly and whimsical to the really scary as well as gruesome looking ones.  Consider who is going to be at your party.  A super gory mask at a party with very young kids is really not a great idea unless you want to tick off a few mommies.  With the addition of simple clothing, however, a fantastically realistic mask can be a really quick and easy costume solution for all of you minimalists out there.










Costume Accessories:  Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few well-chosen accessories to pull off a costume look.  This can include make up, hats, contact lenses, etc.  A makeup kit that transforms your face into some sort of Halloween monster can be combined with simple dark clothing for an amazing look.   Scars, wounds and other faux body damage can be created easily through make up and prosthetics.  With a severe look like this you often need very little else with it to get your Halloween point across.  Animal looks can easily be obtained through simple make up as well.  A pair of mouse ears is a fun and easy way to take simple clothing pieces and create a Mickey or Minnie Mouse look.   As you can see, a few well-chosen accessories or a make up kit can go a long way in getting your Halloween look out of the minimalist doldrums and right into the spectacular zone.

No more making silly excuses on Halloween!  Get into the spirit of it easily by using some of these inexpensive as well as quick and easy costume tips! 

Infographic - The Darker Sides of Halloween

  • September 14, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell

INFOGRAPHIC: The Darker Sides of Halloween

Ahhh, Halloween. It's almost here. This is the time of year when excited children run around their neighborhoods dressed up as pirates, superheros, ghosts and witches shouting, "Trick or Treat" - gathering candy and other treats as they go door to door. It's also a time for visiting a local haunted house, decorating homes with eerie looking Halloween decorations and of course attending one or more costume parties. Halloween costumes are everywhere! It's all terrific fun for young and old alike. A tradition that millions of people look forward to each year. And indeed, for 99.99% of the population Halloween is good, clean fun. Sadly, there is a darker side to Halloween which is not so nice. Here's an infographic that takes a look as some of the darker sides of Halloween in history. Let's hope that for this Halloween, calmer minds and cooler tempers prevail so everyone has a 'Happy Halloween'!

On the lighter more cheerful side, if you're into superhero genres hosting a superhero and villain look-a-like party can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of options these days to dress up as your favorite superhero character (villain characters too!). And it's not just for men, the laides have lots of choices when it comes to superhero costumes including everything from Wonder Woman to Batgirl. Sure, the darker side of Halloween may be an interesting point of history but there's no reason to let the darker side of Halloween get you down. Celebrate Halloween as a superhero and fight crime (even if only make believe)!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Darker Sides of Halloween