Halloween Masks: Putting Your Best Face Forward

  • October 02, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

It’s been Mom’s advice to kids of all ages for years, right?  Put your best face forward and try to make a good first impression.  That’s solid advice from good ol’ Mom and we’re sure that she’d be in full agreement that it even applies to Halloween, right?  Certainly we’re all about making good first impressions, and your Halloween costume is the perfect chance to do just that.  First impressions do count, and with the addition of an appropriate Halloween mask, your costume and the impression it creates amongst your friends and cohorts this Halloween is apt to be quite memorable. 

Zombie looks are hot, hot, hot right now with these creatures being featured both in cable TV programming and in new feature films soon to be released.  In AMC’s “The Walking Dead” the storyline basically tells the tale of Sherriff Rick Grimes who after weeks in a coma, wakes up to discover that the world he used to know is gone and has now been overtaken by a Zombie epidemic!  What could be more awesome!  World War Z (to be released later in 2011) is another Zombie thriller starring Brad Pitt that has also sparked a lot of excitement and renewed interest in the whole idea of these “come back from the dead” characters.  A detailed and truly horrific Zombie mask, such as our Zombie tongue mask is going to create a face that truly looks like something from beyond the grave.

Feeling lazy?  “Today I don’t feel like doing anything!”  If that is your mantra, you may need the perfect mask to wear while you express this sentiment.  Our officially licensed Chimp mask is just like the one worn in the Bruno Mars music video and is also the perfect solution when you just feel like “not doing anything” except for monkeying around, of course.  This Chimp mask is hilarious and yet oddly adorable, too.  Perfect for group dress up or on it’s own, this mask has great costume potential for many different looks.

Another piece of motherly advice that you may have been given at some point was to generally avoid the topics of religion and politics during social settings.  These subjects can be hot buttons for many and you do have to be aware of your social group and how they are going to react when topics like this are brought to light.  Our collection of political masks, albeit controversial, is going to get some animated conversation started at your next Halloween function.  Tread lightly, brave ones but if you are going for a big political statement, go all out with our Osama Bin Laden Missile Head Mask or our Gaddafi Mask.  We also have some lighthearted versions of the President and the First Lady as well as a mask of the ever-present Sarah Palin. 

Put your best face forward this Halloween with one of our detailed, realistic and fabulous masks!  Mom would be proud.