Great Halloween Costumes for less than $30

  • October 07, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

If you are hoping to find a perfect Halloween costume look but don’t have a lot of money to spend, all is not lost.  We have many brand new costume styles that are going to look terrific and be a ton of fun to wear on Halloween, but are not going to set you back too much change.  All of these costumes are less than thirty bucks; and many of them are less than twenty!  If your Halloween budget is coming up a little short this year, check out some of these really great options that have a lot of Halloween panache with very little Dinero involved.


R2D2-This truly adorable costume is going to make your child very popular this Halloween as he dresses up as the silly robot sidekick made famous in the Star Wars movie series.  The costume is designed for the small stature of a toddler and with the little included cap your child is going to be the ideal size to carry this R2D2 look off perfectly.  This costume is out of this galaxy on the cuteness scale!

Captain America-Considered by many to be the most patriotic of the superheroes, Captain America is strong, powerful and of course is here to save the day!  Your child will love bringing this mighty character to life by wearing this fabulously detailed Captain America costume.

Monarch Butterfly Costume-Every little girl will love this adorable rendition of a lovely butterfly.  Somewhere between a princess and a pixie, this costume is the perfect combination of both pretty and whimsical.  Take your wings and fly this Halloween with this adorable butterfly costume!

Monster High Frankie Stein-Play the part of Frankenstein’s daughter this Halloween!  This half-cute, half-spooky costume is the perfect choice for a young Halloween diva that wants to look a bit scary while still bringing her stylish fashionista to the forefront. 


Cavegirl Costume-This sexy cavegirl is looking for a good caveman!  A twist between a prehistoric look and something much more modern and sophisticated, this costume is going to give you just the right amount of jungle fever to get your Halloween party started!

Gothic Witch Costume-This is a traditional Halloween costume with a decidedly sexy spin.  You will cast a bewitching spell this Halloween with a witch look that is both beguiling and sultry with just a little bit of naughty thrown in as window dressing.

Dorothy Costume-Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!  This super sexy version of Dorothy, straight out of the Wizard of Oz is nothing like the Kansas farm girl we remember from yesteryear.  Dorothy has grown up a little bit, and this modern and sexy twist on one of the most classic and beloved characters of all time is likely to be a sure fire hit at your party this Halloween.





Captain Jack Sparrow Costume kit-Bring out your inner swashbuckling hero with this great costume kit!  Your high seas adventure is just beginning as you don the duds of one of the greatest characters to ever come from the good people of Disney.  This officially licensed costume will give you the essentials you need to recreate your own version of Jack Sparrow!  Aye Matey’s!

Classic Vampire Costume-This classic Vampire look is a great way to recreate the look of one of most traditional Halloween personas of all time.  Your rendition of one of the very ‘undead’ will strike fear into your friends as they shield their necks and run for cover.  Today’s vampires are often seen as sexy, charismatic, charming and wealthy.  Sure there’s that little issue of them being bloodsucking killers—but undoubtedly you will have some great Halloween fun dressing as one of these dark and sexy creatures of the night!

King Costume-Your majesty, here is your chance to finally, once and for all, officially be the KING!  With an appropriate royal robe and crown perhaps you will finally get the respect and admiration that you really deserve!  (Well, at least it’s worth a try!) 




With these and many other fantastic and inexpensive costume selections available, you can afford to dress up in a really great Halloween ensemble and still have money left over to pay the babysitter.  Check out our complete selection of fabulous new styles that won’t break the bank!