Costume Candy - The Perfect Halloween Treat

  • October 10, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Halloween has become a socially acceptable time to get your sexy on, and this year you may be considering doing just that.  Wearing a Halloween costume that is slightly scandalous is not only fun, but it’s also a chance for your inner vixen to do the talking.   With one of these super hot get-ups, you will start a wordless conversation that is going to get you noticed in a very good way.  Put the shy demure girl away for the night and consider one of these tantalizing options!

Pop singer Katy Perry knows a thing or two about the mesmerizing effect of the Peacock and perhaps you should, too.  This stunning costume is so ground shakingly beautiful that you will be tempted to strut your stuff in it on many occasions aside from Halloween.  From the front, the look is simply eye popping--but once you turn around the back is even more jaw dropping, with sexy back lacing and a full plumage of iridescent feathers that teasingly sit right on your lovely booty.  This costume--simply put, is a showstopper and will pack a wallop in the sex appeal and architecture department, with very little effort on your part. 

Considering a sexy character with a bit more of a sordid as well as dark past?  What could be better than the tortured vampire?  Torn between love and bloodlust this character is ever fighting her desire for human blood in order to keep her true love…alive.  Styled a bit like a Goth Saloon girl from the Wild West, this vampiress has a definite sexier twist on an old classic Halloween favorite.

Don’t let the name fool you, as there is nothing innocent about this little Red Riding Hood.  She’s ready to deal with any and all Big, Bad Wolves that come lurking around, whether they are wearing sheep’s clothing or not.  She’s sexy, savvy and ready to head to Grandmother’s house.

A new female version of the lonely and reclusive character of Edward Scissorhands, this sexier girl version of the character, known as Miss Scissorhands, is going to turn a lot of heads this Halloween!  The dress has sultry, gothic styling and the gloves have faux scissor-like appendages just like Edward did in the original movie.  Bring back the immortal, lovelorn Edward with your own sexy version of this dark, seductive and misunderstood character!

Take your suspect and put him under house arrest while wearing our super sexy rendition of one of society’s ultimate power figures.  With a flirty ruffle hem dress and a very flattering and sexy waist cinching belt, this ‘officer of the law’ is like none you’ve ever seen before.  The costume itself is likely to bring the bad boys to their knees without an inappropriate use of force.  The included pouch may be for his heart—with this costume you certainly are likely to capture his.

Bring out your super sexy side this Halloween with one of these great costume characters.  Trick or treat?  We think it’s definitely all about the treats.  Halloween candy, indeed!