Infographic - The Darker Sides of Halloween

  • September 14, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell

INFOGRAPHIC: The Darker Sides of Halloween

Ahhh, Halloween. It's almost here. This is the time of year when excited children run around their neighborhoods dressed up as pirates, superheros, ghosts and witches shouting, "Trick or Treat" - gathering candy and other treats as they go door to door. It's also a time for visiting a local haunted house, decorating homes with eerie looking Halloween decorations and of course attending one or more costume parties. Halloween costumes are everywhere! It's all terrific fun for young and old alike. A tradition that millions of people look forward to each year. And indeed, for 99.99% of the population Halloween is good, clean fun. Sadly, there is a darker side to Halloween which is not so nice. Here's an infographic that takes a look as some of the darker sides of Halloween in history. Let's hope that for this Halloween, calmer minds and cooler tempers prevail so everyone has a 'Happy Halloween'!

On the lighter more cheerful side, if you're into superhero genres hosting a superhero and villain look-a-like party can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of options these days to dress up as your favorite superhero character (villain characters too!). And it's not just for men, the laides have lots of choices when it comes to superhero costumes including everything from Wonder Woman to Batgirl. Sure, the darker side of Halloween may be an interesting point of history but there's no reason to let the darker side of Halloween get you down. Celebrate Halloween as a superhero and fight crime (even if only make believe)!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Darker Sides of Halloween