Help for Halloween Minimalists

  • October 17, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Halloween isn’t just for the youngun’s anymore.  Halloween has become immensely popular amongst ‘big kids’ too, for a number of reasons.  It’s fun dressing up in costume, at least for most people.   Finding just the right character that expresses ones personality and reaches out to the inner child within is a positive throwback experience for many of us.  Even with Halloween being as popular as it is and it also being a universally celebrated holiday by kids of all ages, there are still those that are reluctant to participate.  For these less than eager folks, dressing up in costume creates undue stress, embarrassment or effort.  Let’s call these people Halloween minimalists.  If you can relate to what I am saying here, you don’t need to fret, you can still participate in your neighborhood or office party without much effort, expense or commitment.  The best part is that you won’t have to wear that “This IS my Halloween costume” t-shirt to another Halloween function. 


Costume Kits:  These handy “kits” have some really cool basics and accessories that you can use with your own clothes to turn every day street wear into a not only acceptable, but down right respectable costume ensemble.  With choices such as Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear and The Green Lantern, it’s simple to bring both popular as well as familiar movie characters to life very easily.  For a more traditional Halloween look, there are kits available to recreate pirates, vampires and devils.  For a costume that is a little goofier that you can really throw your personality into, try a nerd look or perhaps even a silly nun, pig or kitty.  All the critical accessories have been put together for you so putting your costume together with little effort is a breeze.  No point in stressing about being a minimalist, with these simple looks you will get maximum results.  See how easy that was?  Halloween is fun again! 



Costume Masks:  Another cool way to get really big impact with very little effort on your part is to wear a really amazing mask.  These life-like masks come in a huge array of characters from the silly and whimsical to the really scary as well as gruesome looking ones.  Consider who is going to be at your party.  A super gory mask at a party with very young kids is really not a great idea unless you want to tick off a few mommies.  With the addition of simple clothing, however, a fantastically realistic mask can be a really quick and easy costume solution for all of you minimalists out there.










Costume Accessories:  Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few well-chosen accessories to pull off a costume look.  This can include make up, hats, contact lenses, etc.  A makeup kit that transforms your face into some sort of Halloween monster can be combined with simple dark clothing for an amazing look.   Scars, wounds and other faux body damage can be created easily through make up and prosthetics.  With a severe look like this you often need very little else with it to get your Halloween point across.  Animal looks can easily be obtained through simple make up as well.  A pair of mouse ears is a fun and easy way to take simple clothing pieces and create a Mickey or Minnie Mouse look.   As you can see, a few well-chosen accessories or a make up kit can go a long way in getting your Halloween look out of the minimalist doldrums and right into the spectacular zone.

No more making silly excuses on Halloween!  Get into the spirit of it easily by using some of these inexpensive as well as quick and easy costume tips!