Gift Ideas In and Outside the Box

  • November 21, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell
Santa Suits

It seems like just yesterday that we were all dressing up in our Halloween costumes and venturing out for trick or treating adventures as well as for costume parties--now already, it’s time to start making our Christmas lists and start checking things off of them too!  No matter how well you make your holiday plans, the planning and shopping days seem to literally evaporate right before your eyes.  When you have a good idea and a game plan, it’s time to act on it while it’s fresh in your mind and before all the good stuff is gone.  Shopping and gift buying is all part of the holiday season, whether you enjoy it or not.  The more things you get done early, the more relaxed you can be to enjoy all the festivities that will be in full force a month from now.  Don’t we all say that ‘next year’ we are going to shop earlier?  Let this holiday season be your year to get some things done right now!

Post Halloween is a fantastic time to buy costumes for your kids dress up collection.  We know, as you probably do as well, that kids don’t need a holiday to put on a costume and instantly become a legendary character in their own minds.  Costumes are a fantastic Christmas gift idea for kids and will give them hours (yes…you heard that right….hours!) of imaginative playtime fun.  With many fantastic characters available, from your kids favorite TV shows, movies or cartoons you can be sure to find that perfect costume to get your child enthused and ready to dress up.  We also have some great occupational outfits from the ‘adult’ world that are exciting as well as stimulating for young minds.  Dressing as a fireman, police officer, army man, astronaut, race car driver, doctor or even a cheerleader can be extremely fun for a kid and give them a chance to pretend to be something more grown up.  Of course you wouldn’t want to forget some of the traditional dress up characters like stunning Disney Princesses, adventurous Superheroes as well as mysterious Ninja’s.  There are so many character possibilities that you may want to buy several costumes--your children will be delighted!

Don’t forget to enhance your child’s dress up experience with some fabulous costume accessories, too.   What is a Princess without her slippers and tiara or a Knight without his sword?  Make sure your child’s costume box has everything he needs to make his imagination truly come alive through experiencing a new character he finds within himself and expresses with the help of an appropriate outfit.   A costume is the perfect Christmas gift that your child will absolutely love to find underneath the Christmas tree this year.  With a costume, a child can be anything his imagination dictates--what better gift could there be this holiday season?  And the best part of all--no batteries are required! 

While you are making all these plans, you may also want to consider who is going to deliver the goods to your kids.  With a very special Santa suit, Santa himself can come to life right in your own living room!  With a special visit from a ‘real’ Santa, your Christmas can truly be a memorable and magical experience for all!