Get Into a Super Fan Mindset

  • January 09, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

There’s a vicious rumor going on around here that January is a somewhat depressing month with absolutely nothing to look forward to.  Say what? We have even heard that January 16, 2012 has been officially deemed ‘Blue Monday’ as it is mathematically and scientifically proven to be America’s most depressing day.  Not being ones to fall for a bunch of media hype, we came up with a bunch of reason’s to say ‘Who-ray!’ to the rest of the cold winter months and to get into a super fun mindset for all that lies ahead in the upcoming weeks!

Who’s Your Team?  Football season is coming to its apex and the really exciting end to a great season is here with playoff games happening and then right around the corner (February 5th) is the Super Bowl! Have you picked your winner yet?  Who are you rooting for?  Make sure you get into the spirit of your best football party with fun costumes and accessories that will make your next tailgate party the talk of the neighborhood!

Who’s Your Valentine?  Have you thought about making this Valentine’s Day your sweetest ever?  Wearing a super sexy costume for your sweetie is an exciting way to surprise your guy on Valentine’s Day.  Wearing something special for him is much more powerful than anything cupid could ever come up with in his quiver of arrows.  Check out our selection of sexy costumes and surprise your Valentine with a decadent treat that is absolutely filled with amour.

Who’s Your President?  All things presidential are happening all around us.  Get into the spirit of the election year and picking your candidate by dressing up in something extra fun as well as patriotic.  With President’s day coming up as well, now may be the perfect time to don your red, white and blue patriotic gear or a presidential costume and show some love for your country.  Don’t forget to check out some of our humorous masks, too!

Who’s Who in Who-ville?  Read Across America is an exciting day that celebrates both books and learning.  This very special day is right around the corner and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to get your kids excited about literature and reading.  Of course this day also pays due homage to one of the greatest authors of children’s books of all time--Dr. Seuss (who’s birthday is on the same day of course!)  Get your Cat in the Hat costume ready!  Sharing the love of and getting kids excited about books is an important step in the right direction toward success in school as well as in life.  Don’t miss getting into the spirit of this very special event!

Who’s Your Hero?  It’s time to dress up and have some serious indoor fun getting into character.  Whether your kids like occupational heroes like police and firemen or more imaginative characters like Fairy princesses or Army men, putting on a really great costume is a super quick and easy way to give your children hours of indoor imaginative playtime that will keep them happy and busy even if it’s cold and miserable outside.

Now Who’s Depressed?  Hopefully no one!  With so many fun and exciting things to do and get involved in during the upcoming weeks you can easily fill up your time with many good things that are fun and enjoyable for you and your entire family.  Get into the spirit of what’s coming up and take even the little celebrations to the next level!