Valentine's Day - Put Your Heart Into It!

  • January 16, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

As we inch up on the last week or two of January, it’s not too soon to start thinking about the traditional day of amour that is just around the corner.  Although Valentine’s day is the classic day to celebrate love for many, Valentine’s Day is also a great day for kids (of all ages) to have some serious fun and to get into the spirit of the holiday, whether you have an actual Valentine or not.  Here are some super fun ideas to help get you thinking about this great wintertime holiday.  With a little creativity and planning this Valentine’s Day will surely warm up your heart!

Red … The Color of Love:  Pull out the stops this Valentine’s Day and dress up in all things red.  Red hair extensions or red glitter hair spray is a great way to add a little festive touch to your hair and transform ordinary tresses into true lovelocks.  Red nail polish and lipstick will add more Valentine’s Day drama, and by all means add some red false eyelashes to your eyes for a very bold touch.  If you really are feeling the holiday, go for a bright red wig to get some red-hot attention.  Other accessories to spice up your look include red stockings, sunglasses, hair accessories and of course glistening red shoes!  Dressing up in your best reds is a fun and fire-y way to get into a great Valentine’s Day mood!

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Valentine! Put on your best superhero get up…with a twist.  Take an ordinary superhero costume (pick your favorite) and add some heart cut outs and a red mask over your eyes.  A bright red bodysuit also is a great and dramatic start to this silly but fun costume that is truly going to send your Valentine into heartfelt hysterics. Your Valentine will love your rendition of the best superhero ever…especially if he comes bearing chocolates and flowers.

Don’t Have A Valentine?  Try Dressing as Cupid and Go Hunting!   Tradition states that being shot by the arrow of Cupid causes the recipient to fall madly and hopelessly in love.  Even if you are dubious, on this day of love you most certainly can get away with trying.  For you girls wanting to be a sexy rendition of Cupid, try our super sassy and fun Valentine Cupid Costume! For you guys with a sense of humor, a really silly costume that could easily become a Valentine favorite is the Ooo La Lola Costume; try it on for size!  You guys can also easily create a more traditional (yet crazy) Cupid Costume with a skin-toned body suit, an adult diaper and a great set of wings.  (Don’t forget your quiver of play arrows!)

For Grown Ups Only:  Some super sexy Valentine costumes or lingerie ensembles are available that will surprise and delight your love.  Cute and sexy looks like our Ladybug costume are the perfect whimsical choice for some Valentines Day fun.  The Queen of Hearts is also a hot look that will really get your heart in the right place.  For the ultimate in seductive excitement, our Halter Bra and Garter set will send your lover straight into Valentines’ Day orbit!

Pets need Valentine’s Love, Too:  If you want to share the love with your pet, too this is the perfect time to dress up your furry buddy in something adorable that will definitely get him some extra petting and possibly even some bonus dog treats!  Our super charming pet Lady Bug costume is a perfect doggie ensemble for Valentine’s day and your pet won’t mind the extra attention he’s bound to get by wearing this super cute get up!

Add some extra fun and excitement to your Valentine’s Day that goes way beyond simple cards and flowers.  Dress up and get into the spirit of the holiday--make this Valentine’s Day your best one ever!