10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

  • January 30, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Everywhere you turn, love is officially in the air.  Jewelry ads run rampant on TV and most stores look like a red (and pink) sea of hearts and flowers.  It’s hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is almost here.  Traditionally a day marked by couples to celebrate their love, don’t miss out on the fact that even your littlest ones will enjoy getting into the spirit of this heart felt holiday.  Here are some simple and easy ideas to get your whole family feeling the love!

I Wear My Pink Pajamas:  Or my red ones…!  Your child is going to be thrilled at getting some fun and whimsical pajamas that will surely add some excitement to Valentine’s Day.  Look for super cute heart designs or for a really unique and special gift some stores will embroider your child’s name on the pajamas for a more personalized touch.

Bake it Homemade:  It’s easy (and fun) to bake special Valentine treats to give to your kids, even if it’s just for an extra loving lunch box surprise.  Even better, let your children participate in the fun with you.  Ready-made cookie dough found at your supermarket makes it really easy to bake heart shaped cookies with very little effort but your kids are going to love it!  Have red and pink sprinkles, red hots and other heart shaped candies nearby to decorate your home-baked creations!

Heart Tattoo’s or Stamps:  An easy yet fun way to get your child into the Valentine’s Day spirit is with temporary tattoo’s or with a Valentine themed stamp.  Kids love to wear their heart on their hands, arms or even their cheeks!  You can find a wide variety of these items at your local novelty store. 

Get Crafty!  Your child will love creating something extra fun for Valentine’s Day, whether it is special handmade Valentine’s or some other craft item.  If you hit your local craft store you will find numerous arts and crafts sets or items that will make a perfect Valentine gift that will keep your child busy for hours!

Something Bear-y Special:  There’s a reason why the Teddy Bear is still considered a child’s favorite toy!  Your child will love a special Valentine’s rendition of this old stand by--huggable, loveable and likely to be carried around to love on all day long.  Build-A-Bear makes a very special Bear made just for Valentine’s Day--and there are of course many others to choose from. 

Have a Heart:  Heart shaped accessories are super fun for kids to wear and dress up with on Valentine’s Day.  You can find a wide range to choose from, including heart shaped hair clips, jewelry items, sunglasses and even socks!  These items are inexpensive but are very fun for kids to wear to make their Valentine’s Day extra special.

Fun & Games:  These are old stand by’s but games are very fun for kids to receive as a Valentine’s Day gift.  One of our favorites for Valentine’s Day is Operation, where kids try to perform a little careful heart surgery before they get buzzed!  Another fun idea for a little bit older kids is a Jr. Archery set.  Perhaps the “Cupid” association will go over their heads, but your kids will still enjoy trying to hit the bull’s eye.

Heart Room Décor:  Many kids will enjoy having something fun to put in their room for Valentine’s Day and beyond.  Adding heart-shaped pillows as an accessory is an easy way to perk up most any child’s bedroom theme.  Cute pillow sets that look like conversation hearts or even a poster with hearts and flowers can do the trick nicely.

Candy:  Obviously candy is always going to be a favorite of kids for Valentine’s Day as it is for any holiday.  Your local store is likely to be filled with special treats made for kids with a Valentine theme.  Traditional favorites like boxes of conversation hearts will always be appreciated, but look for special bags of Valentine colored M&M’s as well as other special candy treats!

Costumes:  Dressing up for Valentine’s Day (or any day, really) is super fun for kids.  Consider getting a costume for fun dress up time for your child as a unique gift that will give him hours of imaginative playtime fun.  Superheroes, princesses, movie characters and occupational favorites are a great place to start.  Don’t forget to add some fun accessories to your child’s wardrobe just for Valentine’s Day, too--ruby slippers, red hair extensions, red-striped socks/tights, silly hats--all of these are perfect to accessorize all your planned Valentine’s Day fun!

Even though traditionally Valentine’s Day is a special and romantic day for couples, your kids will love getting into the fun and spirit of this unique holiday, too!  Use some of our great ideas to make their Valentine’s Day one they will always remember and can really put their heart into!