Spring Blockbusters Soon in a Theater Near You

  • March 12, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

The signs of spring are everywhere.  As you moved your clock ahead one hour this past weekend you set into motion one of many rituals that signal what lies ahead: longer days, warmer weather and of course, the long awaited Spring break.  This spring, Hollywood has lots of fabulous movies in queue, just waiting to hit the theaters for your viewing pleasure.  Here are a few exciting films that you will not want to miss that all debut this month!  Shed your winter doldrums once and for all with a quick escape to a movie theater near you!

21 Jump Street

Watch the hilarious shenanigans of two friends who reconnect at the Police Academy where the duo do their absolute best at mostly pathetic underachievement. Resigned to an assignment that uses their youthful looks to infiltrate the world of young crime, the goofy twosome pose as high school students in order to help break up a drug ring.  In order to add legitimacy to the ruse, the pair must first move back in with their parents and eventually set up a bust that is to happen right during the High School Prom!  Starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, 21 Jump Street promises to be a pleasant surprise with lots of hilarious fun in store.  21 Jump Street hits theatres March 16, 2012.

The Hunger Games


In a futuristic society known as Panem, now divided into 12 districts, a 16-year old girl named Katniss lives with her parents inside one of the poorest districts.  Panem is located in what once, many years ago, was United States.  In the distant past, the districts had taken up a battle against the Capitol but unfortunately were defeated in the war.  As part of the surrender agreement, the districts now must comply with the demands of the Capitol.  This agreement states that annually each district must send both one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called “The Hunger Games”.  During the games themselves the rules sometimes are altered along with the level of audience participation that will occur.  However, one thing remains constant during the Hunger Games.  The games are a fight to the death, and all of it is featured live on television.  When Katniss’ younger sister is selected to be the female participant in the Hunger Games, Katniss bravely volunteers to take her place and finds herself in a situation where she must kill or be killed.  The Hunger Games will be in theatres March 23, 2012.

Wrath of the Titans

Perseus, the son of Zeus has been striving for a quieter life raising his son but like many of the best-laid plans, his hopes for a simpler existence comes to a screeching halt.  There is trouble brewing between the gods and the Titans and the gods are quickly losing control of the imprisoned Titans; in particular, their fiery leader Kronos.  Kronos had been overthrown by his sons Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and was left to rot in a stinking dungeon in the deep abyss of the underworld.  As Kronos aligns himself with Zeus’ traitorous son Ares, as well as Hades who has now traded in his loyalty, Perseus must now find his calling and make a brave quest into the underworld in order to rescue a captured Zeus, and of course, save the world.   Wrath of the Titans premieres March 30, 2012.

Mirror Mirror 


The enchanting fairy tale of Snow White is revisited in this exciting epic story containing the things all good adventures are made of--jealousy, betrayal and of course, romance. 

In Mirror, Mirror a wicked queen and stepmother (played by Julia Roberts) schemes to take over a kingdom and then tries to win over the handsome and charming prince.  To her horror, the queen discovers that the prince is already enamored with the local princess, Snow White, who has completely captured the prince’s heart.  Not to be outdone, the evil queen quickly banishes Snow White to the forest where a man-eating beast anxiously awaits her arrival.

Luckily for Snow White she is discovered by a band of undersized ruffian highway robbers and is taken under their wing.  In time, and with proper training from her new subjects, Snow White grows into a strong and indomitable young woman, determined to reclaim her birthright.   With the help of her new little friends, Snow White and crew set forth on a magical battle that retells the classic story of Snow White like it has never been told before.  Mirror Mirror hits theaters March 30, 2012.