Spring Has Sprung!

  • March 19, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

You’re feeling it.  The daylight hours are definitely longer and finally the sun is setting much later in the day.  You’ve likely experienced some warmer days as well, and perhaps springtime flowers are blooming in a place near you.  Birds are building their nests and the hope of a post-winter thaw looms closer than ever!   Here are some fun facts and trivia about spring to help get you excited about yours!

  • The Vernal Equinox occurs on March 21.  This is the day when daylight and nighttime hours are nearly the same, approximately 12 hours each.  This occurs when the earth’s position in its orbit around the sun places the equator in a direct line with the sun. 
  • A bee must collect pollen from approximately 2 million flowers in order to make honey the equivalent of a one-pound comb.    Speaking of honeybees and pollen, bees actually have a preference when it comes to the flowers they choose.  Their faves seem to be the yellow and blue posies, no one really knows why.
  • Spring Fever is completely legit.  If you are feeling more energetic due to the onset of spring, you are not alone.  Scientists have proven that as daylight increases and the weather warms up, the body makes less melatonin (which makes you sleepy) and more serotonin (which makes you feel good).  These hormonal fluctuations actually will cause a form of mild giddiness, jubilance and a surge of energy that may be noticeable to some; it’s not your imagination.  If you are feeling an uncontrollable urge to do your spring cleaning or are unusually amorous, it may be an after effect of these hormonal ebbs and flows, just go with it, it’s completely normal.  You may also find yourself getting fewer colds and flu bugs as well.  Warmer weather decreases the onset of these annoying maladies-- say a fond farewell!
  • Birds must learn to sing.  It’s completely true.  Although birds are born with the natural ability to sing, they must be taught the bird songs that are indigenous to their own species.  The only way for them to do this is through hearing other like birds sing these complex songs.  Interestingly enough, it’s very rare for a bird to be able to learn the songs of another species of bird.  The Mockingbird is well known as the great imitator amongst birds, and seems to easily learn and sing the songs of other varieties of birds, but this is apparently a unique talent.
  • Kids grow twice as fast in the springtime as they do during the other months.  If yours suddenly seem to be sprouting rapidly upward, don’t be surprised!  It seems logical, too, that kids are likely hungrier because of this phenomenon.  If food is also disappearing around your place at a very rapid pace, then yes, it must be spring!
  • Most popular U.S. Spring Break getaways: Beach: Miami, Key West, South Padre Island, Myrtle Beach, Maui Mountain/Ski Vacations:  Jackson Hole, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, VailFamily Trips: Washington DC, New York, Orlando, San Diego

Enjoy the longer days, the long-awaited winter thaw, and the warmer weather  Finally, spring is in the air!