The Hunger Games - Girl on Fire!

  • April 02, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

If you’ve seen the huge blockbuster hit of the spring, The Hunger Games, the name Katniss is a familiar one.  Katniss, the noble teenage heroine that shines in The Hunger Games begins as an impoverished girl fighting for her family’s survival in District 12 of Panem.  When her baby sister Primrose is unfortunately selected to be the female tribute representing District 12 in the annual event known as The Hunger Games, Katniss bravely volunteers to take her place, an act of unprecedented courage.  Each of the 12 districts have a male and female tribute selected for a total of 24 teenagers, aged 12-18 who will fight to the death while on live television until only one survivor remains.

Katniss is a rich character with some pretty amazing wardrobe changes during the film; many of these are quite spectacular as well as memorable. We suspect that the Hunger Games look will be popular this coming Halloween season and thought you might enjoy taking a peek! 



The Girl on Fire Jumpsuit:

Katniss and Peeta wore very sleek and powerful looking jumpsuits in the introductory parade; fortunately these were also fireproof!  Made of stretchy black fabric with an embossed plastic on it that almost looks like leather.  These jumpsuits were apparently so tight on the actors that they were made in two pieces otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to get in and out of them!



The Red Interview Dress: 

This stunning red dress not only looks classy and elegant, but is also adorned with bazillions of Swarovski crystals for some added big bling factor.  The dress also has the unique ability to light itself into flames when Katniss spins around--now that my friends, is some kinda HOT!



Survival Gear:

Perhaps not as flashy as some of her other duds, we still have to give some big kudos to Katniss’ tough girl fashion flair while surviving out in the rough and wild places.  A cool leather jacket, sleek black pants, boots and her signature side braid capture the essence of the chick power she simply exudes.  Her weaponry of choice, her infamous bow and arrow completes this amazing look.



Just Plain Funky:

You can’t write about the costumes from The Hunger Games without mentioning Effie Trinket.  Her eccentric and bizarre look speaks for itself with its futuristic drama and some pretty outlandish details including poufy dresses, crazy hats, pink eyelashes and even at times, blue lipstick. 




For those who have not yet seen this blockbuster movie, here's a link to the Hunger Games trailer.

Which Hunger Games look is for you?