Moms - The Ultimate Superheroes

  • May 07, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Moms-The Ultimate Superheroes

The Avengers is thrilling moviegoer’s as well as rabid comic book hero fans this week with record breaking box office sales. This long awaited movie promises to bring together one of the most exciting group of characters ever with it’s eclectic all-hero cast.  The Avengers, a band of a half a dozen super heroes, essentially comes together because the world needs them to fight off a dastardly enemy, and of course, save the world.  One of the hottest superhero movies of the summer, The Avengers promises to be a huge hit with audiences everywhere.

Not all superheroes wear a cape, however.  In honor of who may be the biggest superhero of them all (and with Mother's Day quickly approaching -- this coming Sunday May 13th), we would like to honor the truly heroic figure that seems to have been left out of The Avengers and all other superhero references as well.  The true ultimate superhero: Mom.

Moms are Powerful:  You know what I mean.  Mom’s all have what’s known as “the look”.  When you get it, you know you are in for it and she didn’t even have to say a word.  It’s better than x-ray vision and it definitely gets its point across. She also has an eagle eye and see’s things you didn’t even know were there. 

Moms know Everything:  It’s an innate thing that is common amongst all moms.  It’s like built in inner radar that’s part of her psyche, or perhaps it’s truly a sixth sense  that is only given to mothers.  But moms know things.  Things you probably don’t want them to know but somehow they still do.  It’s all for your own good for the most part, but very little can slip past your mom.

Moms are Courageous:  There is nothing more powerful than a mama bear; everyone knows that.  Moms will fight off a band of robbers, bullies, bad guys; you name it, all in the name of saving the youngins.  You’d be much better off fighting off any assorted number of cretins than a pissed off mom, trust me on this.  You likely already know this, too.  Mom doesn’t need a large letter “M” emblazoned on her chest, or a fancy cape flying in the wind.  She can pack a wallop with a well-aimed shopping cart or even just her purse.

Moms have an Iron Gut:  There’s nothing squeamish about a mom.  She’s wiped up countless boogie noses, bloodied knees and elbows, and hundreds of blown out dirty diapers that would scare even the most seasoned HAZMAT crew.  The thanks she’s usually given comes in the form of some pretty sassy backtalk and by handing her stuff like banana peels and sticky candy wrappers.

Moms have a Cool Head:  Moms can think on their feet and in the moment of crisis seem to have the wherewithal to know exactly what needs to happen.  If something bad is happening, you naturally and almost always want your mom--there’s a reason for this because of course, she knows exactly what to do.  She always does. 364 days a year we take her for granted.  Make this Mother’s Day “her” day.  She’s your hero, after all.

Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest superheroes out there: Mom’s!