5 Reasons Why We LOVE Spiderman

  • June 25, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Are you ready for the next wave of superhero madness to hit the theatres?  The Fourth of July is right around the corner and along with the most patriotic holiday of the year, our buddy Spidey is set to hit the silver screen once again.  A newly cast Peter Parker and a brand new and exciting storyline has Spiderman up against an all-new nemesis. What is it about this web-spewing dude that has captured our hearts?  Why is Spiderman still one of America’s all-time favorite superheroes? Here’s our top 5 list of why we absolutely are crazy about Spiderman!

He’s Just an Average Guy:  He’s no playboy living in a mansion.  Peter Parker, after all, was once just an average teenager living a slightly abysmal existence filled with typical teenage angst and self-doubt, not to mention insecurity.  When Peter Parker becomes Spiderman, he is suddenly morphed into every teenager’s fantasy!  As Spiderman, this once shy teen becomes powerful, strong and more popular than literally anybody else!  Anyone who has lived through his or her teenage years can relate to Peter on some level.

He’s Got Cool Powers:  What’s not to love about a guy that can shoot webs and then use them to swing through the streets of New York City?  Everyone knows that Spiderman has a superhero level of strength, agility and reflexes.  Spidey also has the ability to cling to most any surface that enables him to do really cool stuff like scale up walls.  Spiderman also enjoys what is affectionately known as Spider-sense, which is sort of a pre-cognitive ability to sense imminent danger. 

Still Making Silly Wisecracks:  Spiderman is still in touch with his sense of humor, and is notorious for his sarcastic one-liners even while he stands directly in the face of danger.  Talk about comic relief, this endearing and funny quality of Spiderman’s has helped him keep a cool head while he goes about his biz fighting off some pretty nasty villains.

Love A Hot Guy in Uniform:  Okay, we know it’s not a uniform in the traditional sense, but still, Spidey’s get-up is seriously cool.  His traditional spandex Spiderman costume is blue on the bottom, red on the top with a nifty spider pattern imprinted on it.  Spiderman’s form-fitting gear shows off his male physique to perfection, from his one-way mirror mask all the way down to the tips of his badass boots. 

He Knows Who He Is:  Spidey still remembers his roots.  Forever loyal to the people that matter in his life, like Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman has never gotten too big for his britches.  He is not too important for domestic duties like washing dishes and when it came to proposing marriage, he clearly was still in touch with his romantic side, showing how much he loves his girlfriend.  Spiderman also continues to prove that he takes his superhero gifts seriously and is most noted for his infamous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”. 

The Amazing Spider-man is set to hit theatres July 3rd.

Top 10 Favorite Boys of Summer Movies

  • June 18, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Dad and Grad celebrations are over.  As the weather turns balmy, now our thoughts can turn to some of the other boys we have on our minds!  This summer there are some pretty amazing male characters that are worth getting to know, and they are easily found inside a movie theatre near you!  We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite boys of summer that are absolutely going to put some extra sizzle into your long and heat-filled days.  These exciting characters (and the movies they hail from) should definitely be made part of your hot weather fun!

The Avengers:  These comic book boys are rapidly heating up theatres everywhere at turbo speed.  With a cast of superheroes like Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury; you surely have a perfect recipe for action packed excitement as well as fun. Plus, the costumes these guys are wearing are going to be some of the all time favorites we'll see this coming Halloween season. But for now,  everybody is talking about this film and with good reason; you don’t want to miss this one!

Dark Shadows:  One of the quirkiest and most befuddled Vampire characters to ever show up on the silver screen, nobody can do Barnabas Collins like Johnny Depp can.  Mr. Depp has completely re-invented the character of the vampire yet again, this time for the complete hilarious fun of moviegoers.  Barnabus is destined to be a 2012 Halloween costume favorite and is an entertaining movie to boot.

The Dictator:  This is one of those movies that only Sacha Baron Cohen could ever think to do.  The film showcases the shenanigans of a semi-heroic dictator who lovingly ensures that his beloved country will never see the likes of democracy.  If The Dictator gets his way, his country will continue to fall under his tender, sorta loving and oppressive rule.

Men In Black III:  If you loved them the first two times, you are likely to love them again in round three.  Men in Black III will bring back your favorite characters from the original Men in Black films. In this latest chapter, the guys must resort to time travel; going back to the 1960’s in order to stop an alien from assassinating one of their own.

Rock of Ages:  Even if you didn’t live through the 1980’s, the legendary lifestyle of 1980’s rock stars makes this film relive many people’s ultimate fantasy. Small town girl meets small town boy, and their larger than life dreams are pursued with vigor.  We all want to be a rock star at one point or another; Rock of Ages is just a movie made about making that all happen.

Prometheus:  The much awaited science fiction horror thriller by Ridley-Scott Thomas has been called the prequel to Alien.  A team of explorers head into the deepest darkest corners of the universe, while looking for the origins of mankind.  Once there, a terrifying discovery is made and the fate of humankind rests upon their ability to battle against it.

That’s My Boy:  Adam Sandler has done it again when he created Donny, a misfortunate as well as supremely infantile guy who fathered a child during his youth.  Donny immaturely raised Todd until he turned 18, but was separated from him for many years during Todd’s young adulthood.  Donny resurfaces into his son’s life in the days before Todd is about to be married, creating a type of havoc and humor that only Adam Sandler can.

The Amazing Spiderman:  A newly cast Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a clue that leads him to discover why his parents may have disappeared while he was growing up.  The trail of discovery leads him straight into a head to head confrontation with his father’s former partner, Dr. Curt Connors.  Spidey fan or not, this summer blockbuster is not to be missed.

Ted:  Mark Wahlberg stars in this tale of a man and his come-to-life Teddy Bear.   A bit of an impasse is reached when John must eventually choose between his girlfriend and his now living, wish come true, foul-mouthed, very irreverent and tasteless teddy. 

The Dark Knight:  The long awaited latest release in the series of Batman films arrives in theatres July 20.  A new terrorist, Bane, is creating all sorts of problems for Gotham City’s finest, who are quickly losing control.  Batman must now come out, resurfacing once again in order assist Gotham’s law-keepers in protecting his beloved city by hopefully keeping this new bad boy at bay.

The boys of summer.  Characters coming to life this summer in a theatre near you!

Top 5 List of Father’s Day Gifts

  • June 11, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Father's Day 2012:  Top 5 List of Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day:  What He Really Wants  (Hint:  It’s Not a Tie!)

It’s that time of year again when we honor the great husbands and fathers of the world.  In case you haven't looked at the calendar lately, Father's Day is this coming Sunday -- June 17th. If the man in your life is anything like the vast majority of them out there, if there is something he really wants, he likely already has it.  Anything else (shirts, ties, BBQ tools, etc.) is likely to be appreciated but perhaps you want more of a reaction than what any of these ho-hum gifts are going to bring.  If you want to plan something really unique and special for your guy that is also going to get him legitimately excited, we’ve got some unique Father’s Day gift ideas for you.  Here’s our Top 5 list of Father’s Day gifts that the man in your life is absolutely going to love!

1. Beer Night:  You know he wants to do it, so just roll with this one as a unique gift to give him on his special day.  Invite his favorite buddies over for a night of beer, BBQ and video games, apps, or even an action packed dude flick.  Buy all sorts of man food for the guys to grill up and stay out of the man cave as much as possible while the boys do what they will do.  It may not be pretty, but he’s likely to have the time of his life.

2. Poker Night:  Get your guy and a few of his friends some poker chips and set up a poker table just for this event.  Have on hand plenty of beer, wings, pizza, chips and dip.  (Nothing fancy, this is a men-only night!)  Take the kids out of the house for a movie so the men can have the place to themselves.  A fully loaded Kegorator nearby might even make grown men cry!

3. Sports or Concert Tix:  You know your guy best and you know which concert or sporting event he wants to go see badly.  If it’s one you have been resisting going to, that’s even better because he won’t be expecting such self-sacrificing altruism.  You can plan to suck it up and attend with him, or better still, buy him enough tickets for him and his best buds to see the event all together.  Everyone scores with this gift!

4. Outdoor Activity: Pack a backpack filled with water bottles, granola bars, etc. and gear up your guy for a hike into one of his favorite localities. If fishing is his game, plan a day for him out at his favorite fishing hole.  If you have the funds, upgrading his rod and reel is a cool surprise, too.  There’s plenty of great gear out there for the golf nuts, too- (real or wannabe) so get him outside doing something he loves with something new in hand to up his game a bit.

5. Biking Day:  Most men have bikes (or other types wheeled toys) so plan an outing to someplace cool in your locality that the entire family can enjoy and take a part in.  After a day of tearing up some new territory on bikes, plan to BBQ outside, but let him take over the reigns and cook it up caveman style.  Find his favorite cuts of meat for him to cook while he lets out a bit of his primal side.  Let him relax in the evening with his favorite luxury alcohol that he will consider a rare and special treat.

Let the men in your life know how special they are by planning a unique day that has some memorable and serious man-fun attached to it.  Not only is he going to have the time of his life, but you are likely to score some major points, too!

Snow White - Why We Can’t Seem To Get Enough of Her

  • June 04, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

“Snow White and the Huntsman” came roaring into theatres this past weekend.  This somewhat modernized version of the epic story of Snow White is yet another adaptation of this legendary fairy tale from long ago.  What is it about Snow White and her crazy life that apparently has stood the test of time?  Why do we care anymore about these ancient fairy stories?  Do they even relate to our modern day living?  Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons why we still love Snow White:

Snow White is the Eternal Optimist.  There’s nothing worse than hanging out with someone who is always moaning and groaning about everything; but you won’t see any of that nonsense with this girl.  Even during some of the direst circumstances, good ol’ Snow is keeping her chin up and her attitude positive.  That’s impressive.  Snow White continues to look forward to a brighter day and of course, is hope driven by her desire to find true love.

Snow White is Always Cheerful. Okay, perhaps it might get mildly annoying at times to be around someone this happy, but there is something to be said for someone who can keep smiling when their life is absolutely exploding.  During the most tedious and mundane chores, Snow White found the wherewithal to sing catchy little tunes about whistling while you work.  (It’s in your head now, isn’t it?)  If attitude is everything, Snow White wins, hands down.

Snow White is Humble.  Even though Snow White technically is royalty, she seems to be completely fine with the fact that she was forced to wear ratty clothes and work like a slave. (She did however, still look smokin’ hot in her ragged duds--take that, you evil Stepmother!) When the dwarves find Snow White deep in the forest, she doesn’t find cleaning up after the little guys beneath her either; she just dives right in and gets the job done.  No diva attitude for Snow White, princess or not, she behaves like a pretty average, hardworking girl.

Snow White is Kind.  They say you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  Snow White truly must use this philosophy as her mantra, and in the fairytale we know and love, this quality of hers likely saved her life on more than one occasion. The Huntsman, who leaves her in the forest, was likely so taken with her beauty and sweetness that he couldn’t follow through with the evil bidding of the queen.  When they happen upon Snow White, the seven dwarves are also very taken by her completely sweet demeanor and instantly all are enamored with her as well, swearing to take care of her at all costs.

Snow White doesn’t Give Up.  Let’s face it.  Snow White came up against some pretty fierce obstacles, from attempts on her life, to having to survive after being ditched in the middle of forest-nowhere.  Snow White teaches us that it really doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down in life, the important part is getting back up, brushing yourself off and persevering until eventually things turn around for you.  You gotta hand it to this chick.  For someone who seems so docile, sweet and innocent, she’s really got some bravado. For the latest metamorphosis on her character check out “Snow White and The Huntsman.”  In theatres now. 

PS: You can find Snow White and the Huntsman costumes here.

INFOGRAPHIC: Who is the Fairest of Them All?

  • September 13, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell

INFOGRAPHIC: Snow White vs. The Evil Queen. Who is the Fairest of Them All?

In case you haven't heard, today the movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman' was released. The movie has a star studded cast including Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. While the reviews are just now starting to come in, the special effects, production design and Snow White and the Huntsman costumes are said to be outstanding. And with Halloween Express carrying the largest selection of Halloween costumes available anywhere, you can be sure these Snow White costumes will be a huge hit this Halloween. Whether you see the movie or not most everyone knows the story of Snow White. And according to the mirror in this fairytale, there is only one woman in all the land who is more beautiful than Queen Ravenna - SNOW WHITE. Believing herself to be the rightful most 'fair', Queen Ravenna orders Snow White to be killed in the ultimate tale of vengeance. We thought it would be fun to take a look at these two iconic women in this fairytale. Does the mirror speak the truth? Who really is the fairest? You be the judge. Let's take a look.

INFOGRAPHIC: Who Is The Fairest of Them All?