Snow White - Why We Can’t Seem To Get Enough of Her

  • June 04, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

“Snow White and the Huntsman” came roaring into theatres this past weekend.  This somewhat modernized version of the epic story of Snow White is yet another adaptation of this legendary fairy tale from long ago.  What is it about Snow White and her crazy life that apparently has stood the test of time?  Why do we care anymore about these ancient fairy stories?  Do they even relate to our modern day living?  Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons why we still love Snow White:

Snow White is the Eternal Optimist.  There’s nothing worse than hanging out with someone who is always moaning and groaning about everything; but you won’t see any of that nonsense with this girl.  Even during some of the direst circumstances, good ol’ Snow is keeping her chin up and her attitude positive.  That’s impressive.  Snow White continues to look forward to a brighter day and of course, is hope driven by her desire to find true love.

Snow White is Always Cheerful. Okay, perhaps it might get mildly annoying at times to be around someone this happy, but there is something to be said for someone who can keep smiling when their life is absolutely exploding.  During the most tedious and mundane chores, Snow White found the wherewithal to sing catchy little tunes about whistling while you work.  (It’s in your head now, isn’t it?)  If attitude is everything, Snow White wins, hands down.

Snow White is Humble.  Even though Snow White technically is royalty, she seems to be completely fine with the fact that she was forced to wear ratty clothes and work like a slave. (She did however, still look smokin’ hot in her ragged duds--take that, you evil Stepmother!) When the dwarves find Snow White deep in the forest, she doesn’t find cleaning up after the little guys beneath her either; she just dives right in and gets the job done.  No diva attitude for Snow White, princess or not, she behaves like a pretty average, hardworking girl.

Snow White is Kind.  They say you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  Snow White truly must use this philosophy as her mantra, and in the fairytale we know and love, this quality of hers likely saved her life on more than one occasion. The Huntsman, who leaves her in the forest, was likely so taken with her beauty and sweetness that he couldn’t follow through with the evil bidding of the queen.  When they happen upon Snow White, the seven dwarves are also very taken by her completely sweet demeanor and instantly all are enamored with her as well, swearing to take care of her at all costs.

Snow White doesn’t Give Up.  Let’s face it.  Snow White came up against some pretty fierce obstacles, from attempts on her life, to having to survive after being ditched in the middle of forest-nowhere.  Snow White teaches us that it really doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down in life, the important part is getting back up, brushing yourself off and persevering until eventually things turn around for you.  You gotta hand it to this chick.  For someone who seems so docile, sweet and innocent, she’s really got some bravado. For the latest metamorphosis on her character check out “Snow White and The Huntsman.”  In theatres now. 

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