5 Reasons Why We LOVE Spiderman

  • June 25, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Are you ready for the next wave of superhero madness to hit the theatres?  The Fourth of July is right around the corner and along with the most patriotic holiday of the year, our buddy Spidey is set to hit the silver screen once again.  A newly cast Peter Parker and a brand new and exciting storyline has Spiderman up against an all-new nemesis. What is it about this web-spewing dude that has captured our hearts?  Why is Spiderman still one of America’s all-time favorite superheroes? Here’s our top 5 list of why we absolutely are crazy about Spiderman!

He’s Just an Average Guy:  He’s no playboy living in a mansion.  Peter Parker, after all, was once just an average teenager living a slightly abysmal existence filled with typical teenage angst and self-doubt, not to mention insecurity.  When Peter Parker becomes Spiderman, he is suddenly morphed into every teenager’s fantasy!  As Spiderman, this once shy teen becomes powerful, strong and more popular than literally anybody else!  Anyone who has lived through his or her teenage years can relate to Peter on some level.

He’s Got Cool Powers:  What’s not to love about a guy that can shoot webs and then use them to swing through the streets of New York City?  Everyone knows that Spiderman has a superhero level of strength, agility and reflexes.  Spidey also has the ability to cling to most any surface that enables him to do really cool stuff like scale up walls.  Spiderman also enjoys what is affectionately known as Spider-sense, which is sort of a pre-cognitive ability to sense imminent danger. 

Still Making Silly Wisecracks:  Spiderman is still in touch with his sense of humor, and is notorious for his sarcastic one-liners even while he stands directly in the face of danger.  Talk about comic relief, this endearing and funny quality of Spiderman’s has helped him keep a cool head while he goes about his biz fighting off some pretty nasty villains.

Love A Hot Guy in Uniform:  Okay, we know it’s not a uniform in the traditional sense, but still, Spidey’s get-up is seriously cool.  His traditional spandex Spiderman costume is blue on the bottom, red on the top with a nifty spider pattern imprinted on it.  Spiderman’s form-fitting gear shows off his male physique to perfection, from his one-way mirror mask all the way down to the tips of his badass boots. 

He Knows Who He Is:  Spidey still remembers his roots.  Forever loyal to the people that matter in his life, like Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman has never gotten too big for his britches.  He is not too important for domestic duties like washing dishes and when it came to proposing marriage, he clearly was still in touch with his romantic side, showing how much he loves his girlfriend.  Spiderman also continues to prove that he takes his superhero gifts seriously and is most noted for his infamous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”. 

The Amazing Spider-man is set to hit theatres July 3rd.