Star-Spangled July 4th Random Facts

  • July 02, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

The most All-American celebration of the year is here!  It’s time to pull out all your red, white and blue and revel in your patriotism while celebrating Independence Day with your friends and family.  Whether you are enjoying a parade, a picnic, a BBQ, a beach day, or any number of exciting 4th of July activities, you will want to show the love for your country in style.  Here are some random and interesting factoids that may make your 4th a little more interesting while giving you some fodder for conversation this holiday. 

Did You Say Turkey?  Benjamin Franklin had many great ideas but perhaps this wasn’t one of them.  Did you know that ol’ Ben wanted the national bird to be the turkey?  We’re kind of glad he got outvoted on this one.

Population Explosion:  Back in 1776, there were approximately 2.5 million Americans in the entire United States.  Today there are well over 300 million Americans!

Fireworks:  Most of the fireworks used during Fourth of July celebrations are imported from China.  Approximately 200 million dollars worth of fireworks will be imported from China this year along with 3.5 million dollars worth of American Flags.

Speaking of Flags:  Surprisingly the number one consumer of manufactured American Flags is Mexico.

Hot Dog!  American’s on the Fourth of July will consume over 150 million hot dogs.

Delayed Reaction:  July 4th did not become a national holiday until 1870.

The Stars Have It:  The stars on the original American flag were placed in a circle to symbolize the original colonies, all which were considered to be equal to one another.  Obviously that design was eventually outgrown!

Parrrrty!  The first official Fourth of July party was appropriately held at the White House back in 1801. 

Let Freedom Ring:  Congress actually voted for Independence on July the 2nd but because the document known as the Declaration of Independence wasn’t completed until July 4th, the printing date of the document stated July 4th.  This date obviously stuck even though it was just the print date.

Legal Eagle:  It is a felony to kill a bald eagle.  Don’t mess with their nests or eggs, either. 

What took so long?  The original Founding Fathers didn’t actually sign the Declaration of Independence until August 2, 1776. 

That’s A Little Weird:  Did you know that 2 American President’s have died on July 4th?  Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams said their final adieu on the most patriotic day of the year, July 4th.  Very fitting.