5 Reason Why Batman Might Be The Most Slamming Superhero Of The Summer

  • July 23, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

It’s already been called the year of the sequel.  2012 has been filled with the latest and the greatest of a whole plethora of stories as well as characters--personas that we already know well, understand and have grown to love.  Many of this year’s continuing sagas are focused on our favorite tried and true comic book characters.  Proving that audiences can’t seem to have too much of a good thing, “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” have been bringing audiences in out of the summer heat to enjoy a really cool summer flick.  There is one film, however, that promises to dwarf all the others when it comes to sequels.  This is the mother lode, folks.  Think huge summer blockbuster.  Think “The Dark Knight Rises”.    

We think that Batman is “tres cool” and more likely than not, you do as well.  Boys and girls, this is the summer movie that matters. Here’s our list of 5 reasons why Batman might be the most slamming superhero of the summer, and here’s some reasons why you should definitely plan on seeing “The Dark Knight Rises”.

5.  Batman-He’s Basically a Normal Dude.  A radioactive spider didn’t bite Batman, nor does he have Kryptonian heritage. Granted, his alter ego Bruce Wayne, is a rich bazillionaire playboy, but aside from being completely loaded, he’s more or less just a regular guy.  Knowing this about him makes him seem a little more ordinary and even at times, a bit more vulnerable and definitely human-something we can all relate to.

4.  Alfred.  What can we say about Alfred--except that we all wish we had someone just like him in our lives.  As a child, Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents, at which time Alfred stepped up and took care of his charge, taking on the parental duties of Mr. Wayne like he was his own son.  Alfred is loyal to Batman and is like a father figure to him in the truest sense and forever is watching out for Batman’s back.  Batman’s dutiful Johnny on the spot is still able to quietly keep him in line, as Alfred always does his job with patience and elegance; his cool accent also doesn’t hurt.  We should all be so lucky. 

3.  Badass Batsuit.  Maybe it’s the mystical all-black theme of his duds, or maybe it’s the new muscularly enhanced Batsuit that is now favored by our caped crusader, but indeed, there is something very sexy about a man that is dressed head to toe, all in black.  Add a cool mask to the mix and you really have something.  Obviously, with Bruce Wayne’s face plastered regularly all over the society pages of Gotham city, the mask is a necessary implement that protects his true identity from being discovered.  At the same time, however, the mask also gives Batman an air of furtive mystery and sexy secrecy.  By donning his Batman costume, mask and cape, Batman easily becomes an elegant enigma.

2. The Batmobile.  We hate the idea that wheels could define any man, but let’s get real here.  Batman’s car-ha, if you can even describe it in such rudimentary terms, is the ultimate boy toy.  The latest Batman ride is sort of like a flying Lamborghini; what guy wouldn’t want to take a spin in that?  Look for some pretty nifty Batpod’s, too.  A lot of vehicular madness in this flick that is a true fan feast for anyone who digs toys with wheels. The Bat cave, where he keeps his toys, ain’t a bad thing, either.  Batman might have invented the notion of the man cave; he’s certainly set the bar high where that territory is concerned.

1.  Bad Guys.  We Mean it, Really Bad Guys.  The latest nemesis creating all sorts of chaos for Batman is Bane, a terrorist-like freak who will stop at nothing to advance his truly evil agenda.  That is sort of the point though, isn’t it?  We want our superheroes to have to save the world and up until now Batman has always delivered.  Has Batman finally met his match?   Of course, we can’t forget the ever-present Catwoman; the sexy, purring beauty, doing what conniving women always seem to do; that is, use her feminine wiles to confuse the issues and muddy the waters.  How will Catwoman toy with Batman this time?  With this femme feline around, you just gotta believe that big trouble is a-brewin’. 

The Dark Knight Rises--now in theatres near you. Don’t miss it.