Top 8 Superhero Qualities (And Why We Wish We Had Them!)

  • July 30, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Flying:  Aside from being a really amazing way to travel hither and yon, having the ability to fly would have some distinctly cool possibilities.  No more sitting in traffic or being at the mercy of public transportation, or ever having to deal with those annoying airline schedules.  Flying skills not only would be uber-cool, but they would also offer lots of transportation flexibility.  All practicalities aside, soaring through the sky like a big ol’ bird just sounds like the epitome of fun.  Our favorite frequent flyer?  Superman.

Speed:  Superheroes that possess great speed probably use it for different reasons than the average Joe would, such as chasing after bad guys or running away from them as the case may be.  Speed would definitely come in handy however, for the average man on many occasions and in some ways, is almost as cool as flying. You would never again be late for an appointment (this includes hot dates, fellas) and getting to work on time would be a speedy breeze.  Our favorite speedster?  The Flash

Strength:  Strength is a cool as well as handy ability to have as well.  If someone parks their car too close to you and blocks you in--well, just lift their car up and move it out!  More likely as well as practical strength scenarios include moving furniture as well as opening up sticky jars--but in any case, being superhero strong is just downright useful.  Our favorite strong man?  The Hulk.

Stamina:  The ability to really hang in and go the distance with any strenuous task is a huge deal.  Superheroes use stamina for things like scaling walls, running as well as fighting; often having to do so for long periods of time.  Our ordinary human existences don’t usually require such great lengths of stamina--but it would definitely come in handy during a 3rd set tennis match or playing a long 18 holes.  Don’t underestimate how useful superhuman stamina could be while chasing after a couple of kids, either.  Our favorite enigma with super stamina?  Spiderman.

Telepathy:  Reading minds could bring with it all sorts of mind-blowing power.  Manipulating and/or reading human thought processes could be the ultimate control mechanism as well as a terrific source of information.  Practical uses of this ability may include being able to read the thoughts of others in order to understand what is really going on in their minds, such as in the case of understanding the opposite sex. Men have been trying to assert this power when it comes to women for years, but mind- reading is tricky business.  Telepathy might clear things up a bit--or you might find it’s just too much darn information altogether. Our favorite superhero telepathic?  Professor X. 

Invisibility:  The ability to make oneself invisible has obvious advantages.  Sneaking into places sight unseen gives superheroes the ability to glean information as well as to sneak up on bad guys and catch them off guard.  For us normal folks, the stealth-like ability to be invisible might come in handy now and then.  Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket?  Bam--go invisible.  Is your boss or spouse on the rampage?  Go invisible.  It’s probably not a quality any of us would like to own permanently--but let’s face it; the ability to temporarily vanish might have some useful benefits.  Our favorite amongst the unseen?  The Invisible Man.

Super Vision:  It’s no fun having to pull out your glasses to read a menu in a restaurant, but imagine being able to see clearly for miles and miles, and to perhaps possess other visual super phenomena such as x-ray or infrared vision!  Being able to see things that no one else can--and do so clearly--could be extremely practical as well as useful.  Seeing through solid objects like walls could make things like seeing what your kids are up to in the next room, really incredibly easy.  Our favorite of the super sighted?  Superman.

Healing ability:  Sickness, injury or being otherwise afflicted is one of the things we all must deal with from time to time.  Having an extremely powerful healing ability allows a superhero to recover from injury quickly so that he is back in action at a very rapid pace.  This accelerated healing power has many potential benefits for the common man. Get shot?  No problem, the wound is gone within moments.   Sick or plagued with an illness?  The body heals itself instantaneously.  No one wants to be hurt or ill.  Having the ability to recover quickly is a superhero quality we likely all wish we had.  Our favorite quick mender?  Wolverine.

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