Vampires: The Super Sexy Bad Boy

  • August 29, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

There’s no doubt about it.  At Halloween time, there is a plethora of monstrous beings that you can bring to life for yourself.   If you want to be scary for Halloween, nowadays, you have tons of choices.   There is one Halloween monster, however that holds a special place of honor when put against many of the others.  The Vampire is a chilling reminder of evil in its finest hour, and yet, throughout the ages, the Vampire has also become associated with a weird and beguiling form of sex appeal.  This attraction that women have toward the charm and charisma of the Vampire has helped his cause quite a bit through the ages and cost a lot of women their lives.  It doesn’t seem to matter, though and the danger that lurks beneath the surface of the Vampire only seems to add to his sickening allure.




Top 5 Reasons Why the Vampire is So Completely SEXY!’’

The Allure of Immortality:  Most Vampires found in legends, stories and in the media have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  No need to pity this bad boy, really, as it seems as if he’s found the fountain of youth.  Although there are apparent ways to kill off a Vampire, it’s tricky biz and not easily done.  You might be taken captive first--and then let’s face it, it’s all over after that.

The Allure of Dangerous Seduction:  The mysterious demeanor and the oh-so-romantic persona that surrounds our sexy Vampire is pretty hard for most women to resist--precisely why women have been succumbing to them for many years.  We know they are potentially dangerous--the most recent and modern infamous Vampires have been known to openly admit to girls that they are dangerous and to just keep away.  This fact doesn’t seem to stop these girls from getting entangled anyway, does it?

The Allure of The Bad Boy:  The appeal of the bad boy likely goes back anthropologically to the caveman era.  Women in those days were attracted to the most physically strong hunter types that could hunt down and bring back the fatted calf to the cave.  Nowadays, women are still looking for that kinda guy--athletes, power brokers, and musicians--all of which are notorious exhibitors of bad boy behavior.  The Vampire just takes this bad boy theme to an entirely new level. 

The Allure of Ultimate Power:  Vampires, in addition to being pretty charming, are also amazingly strong and physically fit.  (Apparently that high protein, all-blood diet is doing something for them!)  In addition to physical strength, the Vampire is very mentally powerful as well.  Case in point, look at the Vampire’s ability to ensnare most anyone into his trap, with really very little effort involved.  Vampires have also figured out a way to outwit death, which theoretically gives them the most power of all.

The Allure of Plain ol’ Fashioned Hotness:  Today’s Vampires, in spite of their lack of pallor and even some major darkness encircling their eyes are still considered to be ridiculously hot.  The Vampire proves, once and for all, that when it comes to Halloween monsters, you can be evil and frightful without losing any of your natural sex appeal. 

Be sure and check out our video that illustrates very easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple Gothic Vampire look that is also very sexy.  He’s elegant, sultry as well as captivating.  This look simply screams, “I want to suck your blood!”  Not a problem; chicks apparently dig it. 

Calling All Zombies!

  • August 27, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Have you noticed that Zombies are literally popping up everywhere?  If ever there were a “spook-du-jour”, the zombie would be a very likely candidate.  From television and the movies to even your nightly news, the zombie has become kind of a big deal.  So, why is there all this sudden interest in these brain-craving, flesh-eating monsters that are roaming and multiplying on the earth in trance-like state?  Why is virtually everything imaginable these days being zombi-fied?



  Here’s our top 10 list of why this year could easily be called the year of the zombie!


  1. Zombies used to be human.  There’s no escaping it, virtually any human being from any walk of life could potentially become a zombie; therefore, there is a certain element about the zombie character that pretty much anyone can relate to.
  2. Love Thy Zombie.  It’s potentially feasible that someone you once dearly loved could become a zombie and when they do, they will try to do what all zombies do, which is to try and devour your brains.  Father, mother, sister, brother--what could be scarier than potentially being eaten by a loved one?
  3. Cannibalism is just plain freaky.  The idea of eating human flesh likely makes one cringe, but when it comes to putting sheer terror into you, there’s nothing like a completely cannibalistic dead person coming at you that will quickly accomplish that.
  4. Zombies multiply, and quickly.  Sure, any given zombie attack may start out initially with just one participant, but it only takes one little bite for the them to start sharing the zombie fever.  One quickly turns into five, which quickly turns into twenty, and so on. Eh, that’s the likely reason why they call it a zombie “invasion.”
  5. Zombies look completely hideous.  These monsters are after all, essentially dead people that are in various stages of bodily decomposition.  Peeling flesh, missing body parts, oozing wounds and the remnants of their fleshy feasting are all part of the expected zombie look.
  6. Zombies actually sound really scary.  No matter who the zombie was in “real” life, once zombi-fied, the sounds that come out of them change quite dramatically.  Moaning, groaning and trance-like mumblings are the usual sounds while they are out “hunting”.  Once beginning their feasting, the chewing and slurping sounds that are made are almost unbearably frightening.
  7. Zombies are hard to kill.  Part of the problem is that zombies are already dead, yet somehow they actually aren’t, which in itself is somewhat confusing.  Aside from the fact that you would need to figure out how to really kill something deceased, you never really know for sure that you “got it.”  Zombies have this annoying way of surviving most anything but the most fatalistic blows.
  8. Zombies don’t get tired.  Since zombies are dead, they don’t need to sleep--but you do, so you can bet your sweet bippy that they are going to come at you when you are your most vulnerable.  Now you are exhausted as well as scared.
  9. Zombi-ism is contagious.  The LAST thing you want is to become that thing you most fear--and yet, during any zombie invasion that is exactly what can and does happen; which makes the zombie threat even more frightening.
  10. Zombies can be outwitted.  Watch any zombie thriller and you will note:  The strong and smart survive.  It definitely pays off to be brave and resourceful when it comes to fighting off zombies, ask anyone who’s done it and lived to tell the tale!


If you are looking for the ultimate in terror-inspiring costumes, the zombie is a perfect choice.  Most any character can be easily as well as morbidly transformed into a zombie, making the potential for original zombie characters practically endless!  For ideas on how to create the ultimate in creepy zombie flesh with makeup, visit our how-to video on creating a zombie look.  This undead character is clearly one of this years stand out favorites! 

Your Best Costumes Looks . . . Unmasked!

  • August 22, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
If you have kids you know what we mean, the mask part of the costume sometimes only lasts mere minutes.

We all know the story.  You buy this incredible costume that comes with an amazing mask that easily gets you into your chosen character, right down to every subtle little detail.  The problem is, after about 10 minutes of wearing that wonderful costume mask, it sometimes gets a little clammy inside…kinda sweaty…and occasionally, it can be downright uncomfortable.  Then there’s always the social aspect--it’s kind of hard to chat with people or really get your party on with your face totally shrouded in latex.  Don’t get us wrong--we do love masks and they are often a very easy as well as dramatic solution for a truly amazing look--but, seriously, sometimes they are just a pain.  If you have kids you know what we mean, the mask part of the costume sometimes only lasts mere minutes. 

So what’s the solution then if one wants to maintain an incredible as well as true to character costume look that will last all night?  As always, dear costume loving friends, we are here to offer you some fabulous (as well as realistic) solutions.   A truly viable and practical alternative to forever solving your “I hate my mask” woes is by using makeup to create your character’s face.

Today’s costume makeup is designed to be super user-friendly and is also easy to apply, even for beginners.  Costume makeup kits are designed to give you dramatic results with ease and of course, they come with complete step-by-step instructions.  Still not convinced?  Check out our special how-to video page for some quick tutorials on how to use many of these fabulous products!  Your friends are going to be very impressed and wonder how you did it!  For example, perhaps you want to be Spiderman for Halloween but are a bit put off or even worried about wearing a Spidey hood-mask all night.  A nifty alternative to that mask is painting your face, creating that same fabulous Spiderman look with makeup.  By using makeup, not only are going to be more comfortable, but you also will still be able to talk to your buddies!  From a safety standpoint, kids that are planning on heading out to trick or treat in the dark will be able to see around them a lot better when they are wearing costume makeup instead of a mask that may impair their vision if worn over or around their eyes.  Makeup sounds like a win/win for everyone! 

Make the most of your Halloween costume (and put your best face forward, too) by trying out some of these easy makeup techniques that will put you straight into character and keep you there all night long! 

Cultural Stereotypes in Costumes: Offensive or Funny?

  • August 20, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

It seems that these days anything goes when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.  Some folks seem to think that some costumes may have crossed the proverbial line, however, and perhaps have gone too far.  If you’ve been thinking of dressing up as something along the lines of a Mexican Bandito, a Geisha Girl, a Ghetto God, a Redneck or even an Illegal Alien, you may want to take into consideration a few points.

Last year, a group of students at Ohio University, vehemently protested the use of these types of costumes, calling them offensive and proclaiming “we are a culture, not a costume!”  Their point was well taken as these students set out to raise awareness about what they viewed as obvious racism.

Most people who dress up in these stereotypical costumes are probably largely unaware of how they might be construed by people who may be culturally associated with these types of costume looks.  At Halloween time, these costume styles are in relative abundance and have historically been a favorite amongst costume wearers.  The Geisha Girl, for example, has been a popular Halloween costume for female wearers.  This look, however, is a stereotype that Asian women don’t always appreciate and have been trying for years to overcome, as the Geisha has long been associated with high priced prostitution.

Some other costume choices are more obvious when it comes to their degree of offensiveness.  Looks depicting “Rednecks” that include disgusting features in them such as large beer bellies, dirty clothing and rotting teeth may be considered very politically incorrect, along with other more obvious offenders such as wearing anything that may be making light of the attire or wardrobe associated with the Muslim, Native American, Italian or African-American cultures, along with many others. 

Of course, there are still many folks out there that think a whole lot of hullaballoo is being made out of nothing.  Halloween has been, essentially, a holiday that is celebrated in the spirit of fun.  Arguably, some say that no one seems to be worried about the various undead creatures lurking about everywhere on Halloween night, nor do they seem terribly upset by the sexy girl from your office posing as a naughty version of a nurse that is set to cure what ails you.  Halloween is supposed to just be light-hearted fun, right?  Are some folks just taking this costume thing too seriously?

No matter what side of the fence you fall on, a little sensitivity is always prudent, so consider who your friends are and where you are going before you make your Halloween costume plans, always erring on the side of good judgment.  Jelani Cobb, a professor of Africana studies at Rutgers University noted, “What underlies this kind of costuming is the belief that these people aren’t quite as equal to what we are, or aren’t as American as we are, or that you as a person who’s not a member of that group should be able to dictate how painful the stereotype should be.” 

It’s definitely something to think about.  Perhaps it’s just much safer to be Batman.

The Evolution of the Vampire: Has the Classic Character Gone Completely Soft?

  • August 15, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Vampire is one of the most traditional characters out there when it comes to Halloween costumes.  It’s hard to know these days, however, what defines a real Vampire and what doesn’t.  In recent years, the lines that traditionally have created distinction in this used-to-be scary character, have become somewhat blurred.  Whether your preference is for a more classic Vampire look, or for the more modern take on this traditional Halloween favorite, here’s a few things for you to think about!

The Truth is Exhumed!  It may surprise you to know that in ancient days, the idea of vampire-like beings came from overly superstitious people looking for ways to explain away terrible events that they couldn’t even begin to understand.  Unexplained deaths that were more likely caused by disease or illness were instead blamed on night stalking beings that were suspected of arising from their graves in order to feast on the blood of living people!  To prove that indeed the suspected deceased persons were vampires, graves were frequently exhumed and the corpses  within were then examined for unexplained activity.  Most people expected to see dried up remains inside the coffin--so imagine their surprise when a bloated, purplish body was found instead, with blood oozing out of its mouth!  In horrific terror, these bodies were desecrated again, with a stake being stabbed through the heart!  What was occurring in these bodies was just part of the natural decomposition process, but these simple-minded (not to mention very superstitious) ancient folks found the vampire explanation far more easy to use.

Glamorous?  The image of an ancient vampire is far from glamorous and definitely is a far cry from anything most of us would call sexy.  The metamorphosis into what we visualize in today’s vampire world can likely be traced back to Bram Stoker and his book entitled, “Dracula”.  Count Dracula still retained his monstrous roots as well as his very deadly intentions, but this suave foreigner also had a bit of smoothness and sexual allure in him as well as he seemed to be utterly irresistible to women. The ultimate bad boy was born!

Anne Rice was noted for her book series, “The Vampire Chronicles” which further perpetuated the theme of Vampires as blood sucking monsters, but Anne’s vampire characters definitely had substantially more “personality”.  The vampire was changing; no longer just a monster with a mission, now the vampire had charisma.

The Twilight series and other television programs as well as feature films, have brought to us an entirely new vampire figure.  Today’s vampire is brooding, conflicted and at times, almost compassionate.  Can you imagine a vampire referring to himself as a “vegetarian”?  These are the kinds of references that the new generation of vampire has associated with himself.  The sun, which once would cause a vampire to burst into flames and turn instantly to ash, now simply makes his skin glisten and sparkle.  Is the vampire even evil anymore?  A character that once absolutely commanded fear; now is tender. Rather than conspiring to kill, the vampire now fights his innate bloodthirsty urges in the name of… love?  This new vamp is stronger, faster and far more attractive than his vampire predecessors, but is he really even much of a monster anymore? 

No matter what vampire character you are looking to recreate this Halloween, be sure to check out our complete selection of classic to modern vampires.  From the truly monstrous and frightful versions, to the sexy and somewhat sensual, you can easily make your vampire character something that is uniquely yours!

Tabloid Superstars: Today’s Costume Favorites

  • August 13, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

When it comes to costume characters chosen for Halloween, usually we think of the traditional favorites first.  Skeletons, Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies and other well acknowledged monsters are all classic characters that will always be tried and true when it comes to getting ready for a traditionally scary holiday.  In recent years, however, getting dressed up as a more timely character that is more likely found in the news than in the spook alley, is a rapidly growing trend.  Finding your best costume inspiration may be as simple as turning on the radio or reading a newspaper!

Political Figures:  Let us not forget that this is an election year!  No matter what your personal politics are, dressing up as a popular (or unpopular as the case may be) political figure can be a hilarious choice for a Halloween costume.  Lifelike and very realistic masks can make you into someone that is notorious or infamous virtually instantaneously, for a dress up look that is very timely and fun!  Be sure to check out our hilarious selection of political masks for a bit of politically “incorrect” humor!  Wear your favorite politicians’ face with pride! 

Pop Stars:  When it comes to the general population of famous people, pop stars are some of our favorites.  These icons have sung, danced and grooved their way from the stage right into infamy. Their names are easily associated with the term “superstar.”  Perhaps all of us have an inner pop star that is just itching to get out; Halloween is the perfect time to let that pop star loose!  Check out our Katy Perry and Lady Gaga inspired looks or even recreate a smooth Justin Bieber, just for your special baby, baby, baby. 

Classic Rock Gods:  These characters are similar to pop stars when it comes to popularity and their famous quotient, but their history runs deep and some of these folks are considered bona-fide icons.  From the omnipresent Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to the steely metal band members of KISS, if bringing out your classic groove is what you are looking for, these truly epic rock styles are perfect for you! 

Fraught With Controversy:  Like to stir the pot?  Or are you looking for a costume with a little bit more of a shock as well as giggle factor?  Consider dressing up as a media favorite personality that is famous for mostly somewhat obnoxious as well as at times, controversial behavior.  Snooki, Pauly, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, or any of the Kardashians are a great place to start. 

Today’s Halloween costumes literally come from all walks of life.  If you want your best look to have some extra tabloid flavor, try on one of these fabulous looks this year and get a real feel for the big lights of the pop culture life!

Back To School: Education or Costume Inspiration?

  • August 09, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Without fail, something always seems to happen this time each year and precious little can be done to stop it.  It’s almost as if we just wake up one day and realize that the summer months we waited so long for have all but evaporated!  Where did it go?  Summer does seem to go by at warp speed and before any of us are really even close to being ready, it’s already time to start thinking about the fall and all the things that go with it.  If you’ve been in any retailer, you’ve likely seen the aisles loaded up with notebooks, backpacks, pencils and other school supplies.  Whether you are looking forward to it or not, it’s time to get ready to send the kids back to school. 

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you, but the whole school scene is actually great inspiration for some pretty fabulous costume characters.  While you are busily stocking up on new socks, underwear and school supplies, we’ve compiled our list of the best school-inspired characters out there; perhaps you might consider making one of these your own!

School Girl:  The School Girl is one of the most classic looks around and is incredibly fun to recreate for Halloween.  The “School Girl” can be morphed into a super creepy, frightful Zombie or made ultra sexy for some serious Halloween flirtation.  Britney Spears did it; so can you.  It’s game on!

Geek:  We all know some of these guys.  These are the most annoying kids who actually enjoy their chemistry class and read extra chapters from their textbook “just for fun.”  One day this type is likely to run corporations and juggle bazillions in off shore accounts, but for now, they are just plain fun to dress up as.  Seemingly clueless to the whims of fashion or any level of cool, geeks and nerds are wonderful fodder for Halloween costumes.

Prom Queen:  We know who they are--those popular girls that we love to hate, mostly because they are so perfect and well, so perfect.  The best fun comes in taking a pristine prom queen look and making her look creepy, sinister and even a bit, well, ugly.  Take that, you perfect little bitch!

Girl Scouts:  The scouting program has always been about teaching kids to be upstanding citizens as well as pillars of the community.  What if just one day a year your version of a Girl Scout was something a little (or a lot) more scandalous?  A super sexy version of a Girl Scout is an ironic, tongue in cheek statement character that is bound to get lots of second looks.

Retro School:  Remember the Pink Ladies?  And how about those wild and rebellious Thunderbirds?  If you are looking for a school sanctioned (well, sorta) look that brings back the fun of days gone by, a high school character straight out of the 50’s might be just what you need to really make your socks hop!

Cheerleader:  Go! Fight!  Win!  These chicks have been pom-pomming their way around schoolyards for decades.  The truth is, however, thanks to the NFL (e.g. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders) and other sports with very visible as well as scantily clad cheer squads, cheerleaders are now associated with some pretty off the chart sex appeal. If you can’t be one in real life, Halloween might be the time to really show your school spirit as you strut your stuff and cheer your favorite team to victory! 

Mascots:  Every school has one right--and he or she can usually be seen flailing around obnoxiously at football games trying ineffectively but very hard to emulate what the cheerleaders are doing.  Even if you are somewhat dorky, being a mascot is cool because you can be crazy--anonymously, of course because does anyone really know who is running around in that crazy mascot suit, anyway? 

Back to school means a lot of things; fresh starts, new clothes and once again reconnecting with your loyal posse.  Some pretty awesome Halloween characters are also found within the walls of your school, too.  Finding that perfect idea for a Halloween alter ego might be as simple as taking a stroll down to your locker. 

Body Painting: Ancient Form of Ornamental Expression - Today's Modern Art

  • August 06, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

When you put on your makeup this morning, you probably weren’t thinking that you were practicing a form of body art.  Body art, however, has expressed itself through the ages in many formats, and most certainly the use of ordinary cosmetic makeup is one of them. 

Body art has been around since the beginning of time.   From a historical point of view, body art dates back to the earliest days of man.  Well-preserved mummies in Ancient Egypt from about 2000 B.C. have been discovered showing elaborate tattooing all over the mummified bodies.  Body art over the years has been exhibited in numerous formats in addition to tattoos, however.  Body piercing, body painting, body re-shaping, scarification, dying with henna and even the simple use of makeup can all be considered to be forms of body art.

Today’s body art covers a wide range of mediums as well as levels of expertise in application.  Extreme body painting has become popular in many areas of the country, some designs exhibiting very prolific artistic prowess and expression with the paint literally covering the entire body from head to toe.  On a much simpler level, face painting is a popular practice that can easily be found at local fairs, carnivals, amusement parks and other events.  Body and face painting is a non-committal way of getting the truly compelling look of tattooing, but since the paint washes off, it isn’t permanent.  Since the effects of face and body painting are short-lived, this allows the wearer to go as elaborate and fancy as he or she may desire, truly experiencing the effects of the art, as some of the designs that are out there are in a word, amazing.

Other forms of body art that also resemble tattooing without permanence are airbrushed on stencils and the use of henna, a natural dye that stains the skin temporarily.  These types of “tattoos” are temporary as well and last anywhere from 5-10 days, depending on what type of ink, dye or paint is used.  In any case, these techniques allow the wearer to experiment with body art without any fear or regret.  An added bonus is that new designs and patterns can be used at any time.  What could be better?

Our complete line of face and body paint, stencils, airbrushes as well as other body painting supplies will get you started in experimenting with this exciting and dynamic form of artistic expression.  From the simplest designs to those that are very advanced and more elaborate, body art is here to stay.  Jazz up your best costume look with some of these easily created and fabulous techniques!

Exciting August Movie Fun You Won't Want to Miss!

  • August 01, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

With today being August 1st, we thought we'd take a look at a couple of the movies slated to be released in August that look to be a lot of fun.



The Expendables 2

This action adventure film starring a whole plethora of action hero favorites (Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris & Liam Hemsworth) is set to hit the theatres August 17, 2012.  Just the casting alone leaves one wide-eyed at the possibilities for all kinds of high-speed mayhem and lots of insane exploding pyrotechnics.  Not a moving to doze through, this film promises to be a bona-fide testosterone-fest for those who love action--with a noble cause at its root, of course. 

The Expendables, a group of elite and talented mercenaries, have been reunited to take on another mission set up by the quite mysterious Mr. Church.  This job should have been a fairly routine one for this rogue bunch, but when one of their own men is murdered, this sets the scene for a plot of revenge and ultimate payback.  In spite of the best-laid plans, the Expendables find themselves deep in enemy territory and perhaps are even in way in over their heads.  For action and adventure that just won’t quit, plus a cast of characters that is fully capable of blowing your mind, don’t miss The Expendables 2!

Easy Costume Idea:  Want to re-create one of these action filled looks for your Halloween costume, but don’t know where to start?  Try some of our military law enforcement gear as a base for your costume look or use a dark color t-shirt and cargo pants.  Add lots of accessories--bullet belts, plastic knives, martial arts implements and perhaps even our “Che Beret with Hair” which will add some interesting military-inspired panache to your ultimate tough guy look! 



The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

It looks like Disney may have done it again.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green hits theatres on August 15, 2012 and from what we’ve seen, this movie is sure to be a sentimental favorite for families as well as kids of all ages.  The plot surrounds a young couple living in a small town, Cindy and Jim Green, who suddenly must face the heartbreaking reality that they are incapable of ever bearing their own children.  One night in an effort to assuage some of their grief, the couple writes down all the qualities of their dream son and buries the slips of paper in a box placed deep in the ground.  To their surprise and utter amazement, from the box of buried dreams, grows a child with some pretty amazing qualities and characteristics. 

Easy Costume Idea: Feeling creative and want to create a Timothy Green look of your very own?  This original look can easily be captured by using a flesh colored body suit and attaching silk leaves and other green foliage, all which are easily obtained from your local craft store.  Try on the body suit and using a water-soluble marker lightly dot the suit in a pattern where you want your foliage to “grow”.  You can buy leafy vines and drape them around the body suit, or plan to attach individual leaves in various locations. Take the body suit off after you have it marked with the locations you want to apply the greenery.  Using hot glue, (or alternatively, you can sew the leaves on the suit), attach the leaves and/or vines to the body suit.  Use your imagination and have fun with the look.  Make your Timothy as “green” as you like! 

Don’t miss these fun and fabulous films and keep them in mind as inspiration for some truly amazing costume ideas