Back To School: Education or Costume Inspiration?

  • August 09, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Without fail, something always seems to happen this time each year and precious little can be done to stop it.  It’s almost as if we just wake up one day and realize that the summer months we waited so long for have all but evaporated!  Where did it go?  Summer does seem to go by at warp speed and before any of us are really even close to being ready, it’s already time to start thinking about the fall and all the things that go with it.  If you’ve been in any retailer, you’ve likely seen the aisles loaded up with notebooks, backpacks, pencils and other school supplies.  Whether you are looking forward to it or not, it’s time to get ready to send the kids back to school. 

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you, but the whole school scene is actually great inspiration for some pretty fabulous costume characters.  While you are busily stocking up on new socks, underwear and school supplies, we’ve compiled our list of the best school-inspired characters out there; perhaps you might consider making one of these your own!

School Girl:  The School Girl is one of the most classic looks around and is incredibly fun to recreate for Halloween.  The “School Girl” can be morphed into a super creepy, frightful Zombie or made ultra sexy for some serious Halloween flirtation.  Britney Spears did it; so can you.  It’s game on!

Geek:  We all know some of these guys.  These are the most annoying kids who actually enjoy their chemistry class and read extra chapters from their textbook “just for fun.”  One day this type is likely to run corporations and juggle bazillions in off shore accounts, but for now, they are just plain fun to dress up as.  Seemingly clueless to the whims of fashion or any level of cool, geeks and nerds are wonderful fodder for Halloween costumes.

Prom Queen:  We know who they are--those popular girls that we love to hate, mostly because they are so perfect and well, so perfect.  The best fun comes in taking a pristine prom queen look and making her look creepy, sinister and even a bit, well, ugly.  Take that, you perfect little bitch!

Girl Scouts:  The scouting program has always been about teaching kids to be upstanding citizens as well as pillars of the community.  What if just one day a year your version of a Girl Scout was something a little (or a lot) more scandalous?  A super sexy version of a Girl Scout is an ironic, tongue in cheek statement character that is bound to get lots of second looks.

Retro School:  Remember the Pink Ladies?  And how about those wild and rebellious Thunderbirds?  If you are looking for a school sanctioned (well, sorta) look that brings back the fun of days gone by, a high school character straight out of the 50’s might be just what you need to really make your socks hop!

Cheerleader:  Go! Fight!  Win!  These chicks have been pom-pomming their way around schoolyards for decades.  The truth is, however, thanks to the NFL (e.g. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders) and other sports with very visible as well as scantily clad cheer squads, cheerleaders are now associated with some pretty off the chart sex appeal. If you can’t be one in real life, Halloween might be the time to really show your school spirit as you strut your stuff and cheer your favorite team to victory! 

Mascots:  Every school has one right--and he or she can usually be seen flailing around obnoxiously at football games trying ineffectively but very hard to emulate what the cheerleaders are doing.  Even if you are somewhat dorky, being a mascot is cool because you can be crazy--anonymously, of course because does anyone really know who is running around in that crazy mascot suit, anyway? 

Back to school means a lot of things; fresh starts, new clothes and once again reconnecting with your loyal posse.  Some pretty awesome Halloween characters are also found within the walls of your school, too.  Finding that perfect idea for a Halloween alter ego might be as simple as taking a stroll down to your locker.