Tabloid Superstars: Today’s Costume Favorites

  • August 13, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

When it comes to costume characters chosen for Halloween, usually we think of the traditional favorites first.  Skeletons, Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies and other well acknowledged monsters are all classic characters that will always be tried and true when it comes to getting ready for a traditionally scary holiday.  In recent years, however, getting dressed up as a more timely character that is more likely found in the news than in the spook alley, is a rapidly growing trend.  Finding your best costume inspiration may be as simple as turning on the radio or reading a newspaper!

Political Figures:  Let us not forget that this is an election year!  No matter what your personal politics are, dressing up as a popular (or unpopular as the case may be) political figure can be a hilarious choice for a Halloween costume.  Lifelike and very realistic masks can make you into someone that is notorious or infamous virtually instantaneously, for a dress up look that is very timely and fun!  Be sure to check out our hilarious selection of political masks for a bit of politically “incorrect” humor!  Wear your favorite politicians’ face with pride! 

Pop Stars:  When it comes to the general population of famous people, pop stars are some of our favorites.  These icons have sung, danced and grooved their way from the stage right into infamy. Their names are easily associated with the term “superstar.”  Perhaps all of us have an inner pop star that is just itching to get out; Halloween is the perfect time to let that pop star loose!  Check out our Katy Perry and Lady Gaga inspired looks or even recreate a smooth Justin Bieber, just for your special baby, baby, baby. 

Classic Rock Gods:  These characters are similar to pop stars when it comes to popularity and their famous quotient, but their history runs deep and some of these folks are considered bona-fide icons.  From the omnipresent Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to the steely metal band members of KISS, if bringing out your classic groove is what you are looking for, these truly epic rock styles are perfect for you! 

Fraught With Controversy:  Like to stir the pot?  Or are you looking for a costume with a little bit more of a shock as well as giggle factor?  Consider dressing up as a media favorite personality that is famous for mostly somewhat obnoxious as well as at times, controversial behavior.  Snooki, Pauly, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, or any of the Kardashians are a great place to start. 

Today’s Halloween costumes literally come from all walks of life.  If you want your best look to have some extra tabloid flavor, try on one of these fabulous looks this year and get a real feel for the big lights of the pop culture life!