Your Best Costumes Looks . . . Unmasked!

  • August 22, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
If you have kids you know what we mean, the mask part of the costume sometimes only lasts mere minutes.

We all know the story.  You buy this incredible costume that comes with an amazing mask that easily gets you into your chosen character, right down to every subtle little detail.  The problem is, after about 10 minutes of wearing that wonderful costume mask, it sometimes gets a little clammy inside…kinda sweaty…and occasionally, it can be downright uncomfortable.  Then there’s always the social aspect--it’s kind of hard to chat with people or really get your party on with your face totally shrouded in latex.  Don’t get us wrong--we do love masks and they are often a very easy as well as dramatic solution for a truly amazing look--but, seriously, sometimes they are just a pain.  If you have kids you know what we mean, the mask part of the costume sometimes only lasts mere minutes. 

So what’s the solution then if one wants to maintain an incredible as well as true to character costume look that will last all night?  As always, dear costume loving friends, we are here to offer you some fabulous (as well as realistic) solutions.   A truly viable and practical alternative to forever solving your “I hate my mask” woes is by using makeup to create your character’s face.

Today’s costume makeup is designed to be super user-friendly and is also easy to apply, even for beginners.  Costume makeup kits are designed to give you dramatic results with ease and of course, they come with complete step-by-step instructions.  Still not convinced?  Check out our special how-to video page for some quick tutorials on how to use many of these fabulous products!  Your friends are going to be very impressed and wonder how you did it!  For example, perhaps you want to be Spiderman for Halloween but are a bit put off or even worried about wearing a Spidey hood-mask all night.  A nifty alternative to that mask is painting your face, creating that same fabulous Spiderman look with makeup.  By using makeup, not only are going to be more comfortable, but you also will still be able to talk to your buddies!  From a safety standpoint, kids that are planning on heading out to trick or treat in the dark will be able to see around them a lot better when they are wearing costume makeup instead of a mask that may impair their vision if worn over or around their eyes.  Makeup sounds like a win/win for everyone! 

Make the most of your Halloween costume (and put your best face forward, too) by trying out some of these easy makeup techniques that will put you straight into character and keep you there all night long!