Vampires: The Super Sexy Bad Boy

  • August 29, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

There’s no doubt about it.  At Halloween time, there is a plethora of monstrous beings that you can bring to life for yourself.   If you want to be scary for Halloween, nowadays, you have tons of choices.   There is one Halloween monster, however that holds a special place of honor when put against many of the others.  The Vampire is a chilling reminder of evil in its finest hour, and yet, throughout the ages, the Vampire has also become associated with a weird and beguiling form of sex appeal.  This attraction that women have toward the charm and charisma of the Vampire has helped his cause quite a bit through the ages and cost a lot of women their lives.  It doesn’t seem to matter, though and the danger that lurks beneath the surface of the Vampire only seems to add to his sickening allure.




Top 5 Reasons Why the Vampire is So Completely SEXY!’’

The Allure of Immortality:  Most Vampires found in legends, stories and in the media have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  No need to pity this bad boy, really, as it seems as if he’s found the fountain of youth.  Although there are apparent ways to kill off a Vampire, it’s tricky biz and not easily done.  You might be taken captive first--and then let’s face it, it’s all over after that.

The Allure of Dangerous Seduction:  The mysterious demeanor and the oh-so-romantic persona that surrounds our sexy Vampire is pretty hard for most women to resist--precisely why women have been succumbing to them for many years.  We know they are potentially dangerous--the most recent and modern infamous Vampires have been known to openly admit to girls that they are dangerous and to just keep away.  This fact doesn’t seem to stop these girls from getting entangled anyway, does it?

The Allure of The Bad Boy:  The appeal of the bad boy likely goes back anthropologically to the caveman era.  Women in those days were attracted to the most physically strong hunter types that could hunt down and bring back the fatted calf to the cave.  Nowadays, women are still looking for that kinda guy--athletes, power brokers, and musicians--all of which are notorious exhibitors of bad boy behavior.  The Vampire just takes this bad boy theme to an entirely new level. 

The Allure of Ultimate Power:  Vampires, in addition to being pretty charming, are also amazingly strong and physically fit.  (Apparently that high protein, all-blood diet is doing something for them!)  In addition to physical strength, the Vampire is very mentally powerful as well.  Case in point, look at the Vampire’s ability to ensnare most anyone into his trap, with really very little effort involved.  Vampires have also figured out a way to outwit death, which theoretically gives them the most power of all.

The Allure of Plain ol’ Fashioned Hotness:  Today’s Vampires, in spite of their lack of pallor and even some major darkness encircling their eyes are still considered to be ridiculously hot.  The Vampire proves, once and for all, that when it comes to Halloween monsters, you can be evil and frightful without losing any of your natural sex appeal. 

Be sure and check out our video that illustrates very easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple Gothic Vampire look that is also very sexy.  He’s elegant, sultry as well as captivating.  This look simply screams, “I want to suck your blood!”  Not a problem; chicks apparently dig it.