Nominee's for the 2012 Costume Hall of Shame

  • September 03, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Today is Labor Day 2012. It's also the official start of the 2012 Halloween season! And to get us started off we thought we'd take a look at our top 10 nominee's for this year's Costume Hall of Shame! Every year at Halloween it happens.  Someone walks into a Halloween party wearing something a bit shocking as well as really, <whisper, whisper> attention getting.  You simply can’t believe they had the nerve to wear that!  Sometimes crude, sometimes funny, sometimes just downright strange--but it seems these really “out there” costumes are considered to be almost the norm anymore.   Maybe you enjoy wearing these types of costumes yourself, or perhaps you just enjoy the raucous laughter they bring at someone “else’s” expense.  It’s also possible that you have little appreciation for these obnoxious costumes at all.  No matter what your feelings about the really tacky, tasteless or even raunchy costumes are, you can bet they aren’t going anywhere. 

Here’s our top 10 nominee’s for this year’s Costume Hall of Shame!


Tassle Twirling Tessie.  This chubby stripper costume is stuffed to the gills with humor, and a few dollar bills.  Don’t try a pole dance in this one. 


The Finger.  This costume has a definite bad attitude.  Makes a very strong statement, without ever saying a word.


Anita Waxin. Getting rescued by this Baywatch babe could be a really hair-raising experience.


Beer Schlong.  A very useful costume that comes with an attached pouch that unzips to hold two full cans of beer! Awesome, practical, convenient and pretty funny! 


Cheerleader Fat Suit.  Bringing sexy back in the most politically incorrect way imaginable.


Condom Costume.  Obnoxiously designed to protect and serve the most manly man. 


Fireman costume.  This fearless firefighter is a very experienced hose handler.  This costume could be especially interesting in a super crowded room.


Ring Toss.  This costume could be considered another useful, multi-purpose ensemble.  No, he’s not an anatomical wonder, but when it comes to partying, it’s literally “game on”!   He’s got all the necessary equipment for instant laughs and fun.  “Ladies, step right up and be a winner!”


Snake Charmer.  He’s mesmerizing…he’s alluring...he’s hypnotizing.  Be careful though, ladies.  This snake may bite.


Ultimate Butt and Boobs.  This look may be recreating his ultimate fantasy, but wearing these accessories in mixed company may mean you spend a lot of time … alone.



Obnoxious. Shameless. Disgusting.  Reprehensible.  (But still… oh so funny!)  Check out these and other Halloween Costume Hall of Shame candidates in our Humorous Adult costume selection.