Tutu Cute and Tutu Sweet!

  • September 05, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Like many of today’s hottest clothing trends, it all started on the fashion runway, with many of the top fashion designers showing tutu’s being worn as part of various fashion ensembles.  In many cases, the tutus were even the most featured part of the design itself.  Of course, it wasn’t long afterward that these tutu looks were finding their way into the closets of various celebrities.  Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have all been seen around town as well as on stage donning these ballerina-inspired togs.  Celebrity kids have embraced the tutu trend year-round as well with the likes of Suri Cruise, Violet Affleck and Madonna’s adopted daughter, Mercy James, all being spotted wearing these big poofy skirts crafted from ruffles and tulle.  It seems that getting dressed up in a tutu isn’t just for dance class anymore; most any occasion seems to do.

Costumes are a great way to quickly get into the fashion action!  Adding a tutu to your best costume look is a quick and easy way to not only be right on trend, but to very simply add some personality, spunk as well as panache to your favorite costume look.  Most any costume character can be “tutu’d” up with relative ease.  Adding a tutu under a full skirt isn’t the only way to get this look, either.  In fact, these days, wearing the tutu on the outside of your outfit is just as cool as wearing one underneath the costume, in fact, these days this is almost preferred!  Show off those tutus! 

Adding a tutu on top of a snug fitting, body-skimming costume adds a super feminine touch that really “girls up” a costume.  This can an be an especially fun accessory item to add to superhero looks which are often designed primarily for boys or are very sleek and form fitting by design.  Adding a tutu (or tutus!) on top of these costumes is a fantastic way to easily add a nice girly touch to your costume while personalizing it a bit at the same time.  These unique looks are not only right on trend with today’s hottest fashion styles, but the look is absolutely tutu adorable.

For you guys that really don’t want to be left out in the cold--feel free to participate in this tutu trend at will.  Halloween in particular usually means that “anything goes” and if you are brave enough to wear a tutu, we strongly suggest you do! 

Check out our exciting new video demonstration on how to create a unique Batgirl look using fun makeup and accessories.  We’ve of course added some tutus to the classic Batgirl look, giving her a fun and modern twist and an oh so cute fashion flair!  Tutu’s are all the rage, you won’t want to miss out on adding one of these exciting accessories to your Halloween costume!  Tutu cute!