Aye Matey! It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • September 17, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Ahoy there, me pirate lovin’ friends! In case you weren’t aware, this Wednesday, September 19 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the world’s most beloved celebrations of sorts.  We are talking about, of course, “Talk Like a Pirate Day!”  (Arrrrr.) All this silly pirate-spirited buffoonery began back in 2002 as a somewhat sophomoric idea embraced by a group of goofy friends.  It seems that a lot of folks are into the whole idea, because here we are, ten years later, and now talking like a pirate is going totally mainstream.

“Talk Like a Pirate” Day is the perfect day to celebrate all things Pirate.  And why, you say, would one want to do this?  (Do you really need an excuse?)  Let’s start with our list of reasons why YOU should add “Talk Like a Pirate Day” to your social calendar.

Fabulous Vernacular: It’s not everyday you can use words like scallywag, poop deck, booty, chumbucket, etc. AND do so with a completely straight face.  Talking like a pirate is serious biz!  (Well, not really but it’s okay if you make it so, at least on the September 19th!)   Here’s are a few of the basic pirate lingo necessities to get you started:

  • Ahoy:  Hello
  • Avast:  Stop and pay attention.
  • Aye: yes
  • Aye-aye:  yes--I GOT IT!
  • Arrrrr: a universally accepted pirate response to just about anything!


Dress The Part:  Yes, talking like a Pirate is kinda silly, we admit it.  Why not go full board and take your pirate routine to a whole new level by adding a fantastic pirate costume to your all-things-pirate celebration?  You will be amazed at how much more cool your pirate vocabulary sounds once you don a few authentic-looking pirate duds. 

Need to brush up on yer pirate speak?  Try one of many pirate translators that are out there on the web.  You can translate any bit of ordinary verbiage instantly from ordinary English into pirate lingo without even having to think that hard.  This trick is fun for emails, texting or other communications you may be doing on “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  Why would you invite someone to dinner in plain ol’ English when you can say “Please come home and have some of what crawled out o’ t’ bung hole with me“--now you are getting the idea.  There’s some serious fun to be had with pirate translators; don’t miss out on t’ action me buckos!”

Mark your calendars now for a somewhat silly and super fun celebration that should not be missed!