Glitz and Glamour-Make Halloween Your Time to Shine!

  • September 19, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

You know what we are talking about.  When it comes to Halloween costumes, not all of us are into those things that go bump in the night or have blood oozing from their mouths.  Some of us just want to take advantage of an opportunity to look, in a word, HOT!  Sexy, glamorous, feminine and jaw-dropping costumes are hardly unusual anymore.  As you peruse the vast selection of costumes that are available online, you will see many costumes that fall into this category.  Once you have picked out that perfect sexy costume style, here are few pointers that will help you pull that look off to its fullest advantage!

Let’s Face It: The right makeup is critical for a really sexy costume look.  Costume makeup can (and should be) heavier than your typical day-to-day makeup.  You want your makeup to look glamorous and sexy and to make a bold statement that is consistent with your costume look.  From sexy superheroes to storybook characters, lots of looks are going to need the right makeup application to make the most of your costume style.  Foundation, blush, bold eye shadow, eyeliners and bright lip colors are all things to consider when doing your costume makeup.  Shop our huge selection of costume makeup supplies.  Check out our Glam Girl how-to video tutorial for some fun ideas on how to apply fabulous costume makeup!

Flutter Worthy:  Never worn false eyelashes before?  Halloween may be the perfect time to try this novel accessory.  False eyelashes do amazing things to really open up and accentuate your eyes and create a dramatic look.  Our selection of false eyelashes includes some basic styles along with some pretty crazy colors and eye-popping styles.  Here are a few eyelash application tips:

  • Check the length.  Hold the lash up to the eyelid and if it’s too wide, trim the lash if necessary.  The right length will ensure the best fit!
  • Squeeze eyelash glue onto a toothpick, a pin, or an orange stick and then use this to apply a thin layer of glue on the edge of the lash.  Let the glue sit for a few seconds so it begins to get a little sticky.
  • Use tweezers if desired, or carefully use your fingers to get the lash as close as possible to your lash line.
  • Press the lash gently to the lash line and hold for about 30 seconds or until the glue begins to adhere to the eyelid.
  • Apply mascara while gently holding the lash from behind with your other fingertip.  Adding mascara is going to really make your eyes look huge!  Obviously if you are using colored lashes, you would skip this last step.
  • Check the lash line.  If there are any gaps, fill in with eyeliner.


Sparkle:  Glitter and products containing glitter are a Halloween must have for the glamorous gal!  You can apply glitter on your cheeks for extra sparkle and even your décolletage for extra sexy flair.  Be careful when using products with glitter in the eye area; check to make sure they are appropriate for use in the eye area.  Have fun with these sparkly products, as they are sure to add some extra sexy glimmer to your look!

Get Leggy:  One of the most important accessories you can add to your costume that you will not want to forget it stockings!  Stockings are a very simple and inexpensive item, but the look can be quite dramatic.  Thigh high stockings are very popular for many costume looks and these come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Shop our complete selection of hosiery items to make sure you accessorize and accentuate your legs while completing your sexy costume look!

Have fun getting your sexy look on this Halloween--it’s really easy and you will undoubtedly have lots of fun making heads turn!