Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania!

  • September 24, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Hotel Transylvania is the perfect place for monsters to go to just be monsters without any interference or having to deal with the human world whatsoever.

If you were thinking that just because summer is officially now over that everything in the movie theater is going to be boo-ring, well you would be horrifically wrong.  Just in time to put you into the mood for Halloween and all the creatures that go with it, an animated monster movie is set to hit the theatres.  This film looks like great family entertainment and is perfect for all age groups!

Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania.  It’s a lovely and quite schwanky place, hidden away from the human world by its owner, Count Dracula, of course.  Hotel Transylvania is the perfect place for monsters to go to just be monsters without any interference or having to deal with the human world whatsoever.  Tucked away nicely in a place where humans don’t go, the Hotel Transylvania has quickly become the favorite tourist destination of frightful beings everywhere.

Count Dracula is quite astute at running his 5-fang resort and does so without a hitch.  Planning a big event is a no brainer for the clever and enigmatic Count as well, and he does so easily, inviting all the big name monsters to his resort to celebrate his daughter Mavis’ 118th birthday.  All the monster heavy hitters are going to be there--Frankenstein, his wife The Mummy, a pack of Werewolves, The Invisible Man and many more.  This should be the monster mash of all monster mashes and still the Count is taking it all in stride…that is, until something happens that makes his blood, quite simply, run cold.

With the Hotel Transylvania absolutely brimming with big time monsters doing their thing, someone clearly uninvited happens to wander into the place and in the process creates sort of a ruckus.  It’s a human!  To make matters even worse, this human that has accidentally stumbled on the Hotel Transylvania is a very radi-cool teenage boy that pretty much instantaneously becomes entranced with the Count’s lovely daughter, Mavis.  Uh-oh…now some serious trouble breweth.

The Count, by his own admission, is likely the most over-protective father in all of monsterville.  Seeing his daughter take a fancy to a human is his own worst nightmare.  Watch the Count and his groovy ghoulie monster friends enter into some pretty silly shenanigans as they deal with this vigilant monster dad’s worst-case scenario.  Hotel Transylvania features the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher and David Spade.  This film has some pretty hilarious versions of all your favorite monster characters--just in time for the final countdown into Halloween!  Don’t miss Hotel Transylvania, in theatres September 28!